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By now, you probably know the story well.

Back in April, David Eason, the husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, shot and killed Nugget, his wife’s 11-pound French bulldog.

At the time, he claimed that the pup was too dangerous to live and somehow presented a threat to the health and safety of his family.

Realizing this made literally no sense, he backpedalled on the story, and Jenelle told the public that the dog simply went missing.

They couldn’t have bungled their stories any worse, but now, Eason is finally manning up and admitting to what he’s done. Or is he?

Clearly, Dave thinks his confession will help his wife – who’s been fired from Teen Mom 2 – rebuild her reputation and sell cosmetics.

We think his timing couldn’t be worse.

Take a look at what he’s saying – and how Jenelle justifying standing by her (unstable) man after all of this and more – below: