David Eason: My Baby Mama Is Making My Son Hate Me!

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We probably don't need to tell you that David Eason is not exactly a world-class father.

In fact, it's something of a mystery how his years of neglect and abusive behavior haven't landed him behind bars for a lengthy sentence.

As you may recall, David and Jenelle lost custody of their kids back in 2019, but these days, most of the kids are back on The Land, likely living in constant fear of Eason's famously violent temper.

David Eason and Fam

Jenelle has always been quick to justify the notorious incident in which David shot the family dog in front of his kids.

But for the children themselves, the bloody slaughter likely remains a potent and terrifying reminder of all that their father is capable of.

Anyway, not all of the children were forced to take up residence on The Land following the highly-publicized CPS investigation.

David Eason With a Gun

The Easons each have one child who lives with a family member for their own protection.

Jenelle's son Jace has lived in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara Evans, since infancy.

And David's son Kaden lives with his mother.

Kaden and Mom

David has no custody or visitation rights, but he is permitted to speak with the boy over the phone.

But it seems that even that's too much responsibility for David to handle.

Eason took to Facebook to gripe this week after he was denied an opportunity to speak to his son, because he was required by court order to call before 6 pm -- which is something he was apparently unable to manage.

David Eason, Kaden

"Imagine telling your child, 'I'm sorry you haven't talked to your father in two years, he didn't call at 6pm, it was 7 and I don't have to answer the phone after 6. It's a court order…' I just couldn’t," David wrote in whiny, self-serving status update.

Not surprisingly, commenters were quick to point out that David is 100 percent to blame in this situation.

"Imagine having a court order to not contact your son past a certain time and being incapable to follow that order. Kick rocks, David," one person wrote.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

"Well I mean sounds like you're to blame," another chimed in.

"Am I supposed to feel bad?" a third asked.

Many fans pointed out that since David is unemployed, so making a phone call by 6 pm shouldn't have been beyond his capabilities as a parent.

Dave Eason

"Idk maybe try calling at 6?" one commented.

"Imagine not talking to your kid for two years and being late for the first chance you had. This guy is scum," another aptly observed.

"Too bad he's a psycho and got a court order that deems him UNSAFE to be around his kid. It's always someone else's problems. Narcissist," a third wrote.

David Eason Stupid

Yes, the public pity party didn't exactly work out in David's favor -- if anything, a lot of folks simply took it as evidence that he's an even worse father than they thought.

After all, everyone knew he's making life more difficult for the kids who are still under his care.

Now we know he's also found a way to damage the child who's been moved to a safer environment.

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