Nathan Griffith: David Eason Beats My Son & Here Are Photos to Prove it! [SHOCKING DETAILS]

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At this point, quite a few people have claimed that Teen Mom 2's David Eason is abusive to the people around him.

We've heard it in court documents from his exes, from Jenelle Evans' family, and even from Jenelle herself.

One of the most heartbreaking stories - probably the most - about David's alleged violence happened last year.

That's when Jenelle's ex, Nathan Griffith, had Kaiser, the son he shares with the MTV star, for the weekend.

After discovering bruises on the young child's backside, he refused to hand the boy back over to Jenelle.

It was a great big mess, we'll review the details in a moment, but right now, let's get into the new part of the story.

Which is that Nathan has finally shared photos of what he claims David did to Kaiser during that fateful time.

And they are simply heartbreaking.

UPDATE: In a brutal and truly shocking response, David accused Nathan of raping a 10-year-old. [Story developing.]

1. Such a Sad Story

Such a Sad Story
As sad as it is to think about, sometimes it feels like poor, sweet little Kaiser never had a chance, doesn't it?

2. Awww

Jenelle got pregnant with him shortly after she began dating Nathan -- like, she got pregnant so fast that she wasn't sure if she was actually pregnant or if her pregnancy test was positive because she'd been pregnant a little while before and she'd had an abortion.

3. Bad News

Bad News
Jenelle and Nathan were never great for each other, although he didn't get her into heroin, so that's cool. Mostly they fought a lot and said horrible things to each other.

4. So Long, Nate

So Long, Nate
They broke up in 2016, and very shortly after, Jenelle met David.

5. Gross

And as we all know, things pretty much fell apart after that.

6. Boo, David

Boo, David
As we saw during David's time on the show, he wasn't very nice to Kaiser -- probably because Kaiser has always looked exactly like Nathan, and David has always had quite the problem with Nathan.

7. Do Better

Do Better
He got insanely jealous whenever Jenelle had to deal with Nathan, which was often, since they had that kid together and all. He told her that Nathan would have to go through him to work out visits and any custody issues, which was obviously ridiculous.

8. What a Monster

What a Monster
In one episode, we saw David tell Kaiser that he was being a "bitch," just like his dad, and that's just not how you talk to toddlers, is it?

9. Poor Kid

Poor Kid
And who could forget the time that David and Jenelle were doing a photo shoot for their wedding while Kaiser was in the background crying and screaming "Feed me!"?

10. Way Too Sad

Way Too Sad
There have been so many times that Jenelle and David have seemed to view Kaiser as a nuisance instead of a sweet little kid, but in September of 2017, Nathan's mother filed for emergency custody of Kaiser because, as she claimed in court documents, they were abusing and neglecting him.

11. Is It True?

Is It True?
She said that Kaiser often had unexplained bruises, and that he'd once told her that David had punched him in the head. She also said that when she came down to the swamp to pick Kaiser up once, he was outside while Jenelle and David were in the house with the doors locked.

12. Too Much Drama

Too Much Drama
Nothing ever came from the custody filing, but last summer, things came to a head once again when Nathan and his mother found more bruises on Kaiser.

13. Yikes

Nathan called 911 and said that Kaiser had "marks all over him," and that the boy had told him that "David hit him with a stick."

14. Fair

When Nathan's weekend was over, he refused to hand Kaiser back over to Jenelle. A police officer believed that there was enough reason to be suspicious about abuse, so Kaiser stayed with his father until CPS did an investigation.

15. Of Course

Of Course
Eventually the boy was returned to Jenelle, and Nathan started working on a custody case to get Kaiser full-time.

16. But Why?

But Why?
So why are we talking about all of this right now?

17. Classic Jenelle

Classic Jenelle
Because last night was the premiere of the new season of Teen Mom 2, and this issue was a big part of it.

18. All the Tears

Jenelle and Nathan went to mediation to discuss custody, but since they couldn't reach any conclusion together, a court date was set. Later, Jenelle cried to her mom about how mean Nathan is and how David is such an angel who never does anything wrong.

19. As for Nathan ...

As for Nathan ...
Meanwhile, Nathan told the same story he's been telling since the incident went down: they found bruises on Kaiser, and Kaiser said that David had hit him with a stick.

20. More to Come?

More to Come?
We're sure we'll see more of this as the season goes on, but this morning, Nathan had definitely had enough.

21. Just Heartbreaking

Just Heartbreaking
And after so many months of claiming that David had abused Kaiser and that he had photos to prove it, he finally shared the photos on Twitter.

22. Oh No

Oh No
Just be warned, this is a little hard to see -- the photos Nathan posted are photos of bruises on Kaiser's backside.

23. No Words

No Words
Here's Nathan's tweet, photos included.

24. The Truth

The Truth
"Cut the truth!" he wrote. "No one, no magazine and no sponsor wants to publish this because of guidelines. Bruise? Or bruises? Water slide right?"

25. Um ...

Um ...
He's referring to Jenelle's reasoning for the bruises, which was that he got the bruises from a water slide at his preschool just before he went to Nathan's.

26. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
"My son told me that he got hit by a stick," Nathan continued. "Recently, David broke his cell phone with a hammer? 'Kaiser said.'"

27. Save Kaiser

Save Kaiser
So take another look at Nathan's photos: do those bruises look like they were from playing around on a slide or from being hit with a stick?

28. A Stick, Right?

A Stick, Right?
According to the people who commented on the photo, the answer is clear.

29. Good Ol' Jeremy

Good Ol' Jeremy
Jeremy Calvert responded that "Bro I'd forsure be in f-cking jail at this point."

30. And Javi

And Javi
Javi Marroquin agreed with a simple "Facts." Jeremy told him "I'm just curious how bad it has to get before someone steps in and puts a end to alot of bullsh-t the kids see and go through.."

31. Also Kailyn

Also Kailyn
Kailyn Lowry retweeted his post, and Nikkole Paulun from 16 and Pregnant tweeted "Omg. This is so sad. That guy is a monster."

32. Plus Taylor

Plus Taylor
Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind's ex and the mother of his second child, Paislee, tweeted to Nathan's girlfriend "I can relate to how you guys are feeling, in regards to certain situations paislee used to be in. If you ever need advice or to talk, please reach out."

33. Someone Help

Someone Help
In response to Jeremy's comment about how he'd be in jail if he was in this situation, Nathan admiitted that "I have constantly contemplated several options but none of those besides the legal system will get me kaiser."

34. Called Out

Called Out
He also tweeted at MTV, writing "please stop playing an innocent bystander. Editing is hell. This is my son. My pride and joy. Tons of unedited pill bottles, alcohol bottle, neglect, and indecent conversations are film around children. It shows nothing but greed. People love resolutions and a happy ending."

35. Ugh

So at this point, it looks like every single person who has seen these photos of Kaiser agrees that the bruises look less like ones that kids get from playing and more like ones that kids get from being hit.

36. Seriously, Save Kaiser

Seriously, Save Kaiser
And yeah, it would be cool if MTV would step in in any way if Kaiser really is being abused, but producers have never really stepped in before, have they?

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