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Little People, Big World fans know that Zach Roloff has been considering buying the farm.

His brother, Jeremy, has his own designs on the property.

Matt has a grand plan for how he wants Roloff Farms run after he steps back.

But when everyone else in the family has their own ideas, what will be the future of Roloff Farms?

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Matt Roloff had a simple dream, decades ago.

He and Amy would raise their children on their own land.

They lived that dream, and he now has a new one: for all of his kids to share the farm.

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For Matt, this would ideally mean that all of his children — all of whom are adults — would live on the same property.

They could then take over running the business, side-by-side with one another.

But that’s not really the same vision that his children seem to have. Some of them, anyway.

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It is no secret that Jeremy has ambitions when it comes to the family farm.

Before it was even a thought in Zach’s mind, Jer was imagining in detail how he would run it all.

(Fans have perceived that Audrey also wants this for Jeremy and the farm, and have expressed mixed feelings about it)

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Jeremy recently confirmed on social media that he had been attempting to purchase the farm.

It’s not entirely clear why he failed, but his bid was rejected.

Some fans wondered if he was trying to get it for free. Others felt that Jeremy’s terms were unacceptable to Matt.

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Jeremy and Audrey might want to be the farm’s sole owners, but Matt feels very differently.

But the perception on social media is that this rejection has taken its toll, emotionally, on Jer.

It’s all about the timing.

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See, Jeremy and Audrey are known to be very active on social media.

But soon after Season 22 premiered, the couple all but ghosted in terms of online presence.

It may be that they don’t want to watch or even hear from fans about this season.

So why did Zach manage to start taking on a larger role on the farm when Jeremy was rejected?

It may be because his vision aligns more closely with Matt’s.

Zach sounds like he’s fine with the idea of sharing Roloff Farms with his siblings.

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For the record, Matt also hopes that Jacob will have an interest in managing the farm with his brothers.

Jacob does, notably, have an interest in soil science and in composting.

As such, Matt has said that Jacob could use his portion of the farm to pursue that alongside his brothers.

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However, Jacob has not (publicly) expressed a direct interest in the farm like Zach and Jeremy have.

Meanwhile, Molly is not forgotten in the discussion about all of this.

But she lives far away and seems as disinterested in running the farm as she is in being on TV.

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Eventually, Matt will have to reach a final decision about what becomes of the farm.

It’s 100 acres of land. It’s not like deciding who gets someone’s favorite chair.

Matt’s only deadline for deciding is, well, before he retires from all of this to spend more time with Caryn.