David Eason Lets 12-Year Old Daughter Drive Through Flood, Prompts Desperate Cry: "We're Gonna Crash!"

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We hope you're sitting down for this stunning piece of news.

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David Eason as a Dad

Are you? Are you sure? Yes? Okay, here goes...

David Eason may not be a model parent.

We know this comes as a surprise when we're talking about someone who admittedly shot and killed his family's dog... or someone who almost definitely beat up the mother of his children.

But a new example serves to prove our point here.

David Eason and a Daughter

Earlier this week, Eason was spending time with his daughter, Maryssa, when he decided to let her behind the wheel of his truck.

Did we mention that the truck in question was driving down a flooded road?

And that Maryssa is 12 years old?

Maryssa at the Wheel

Because it was, and she is, and these facts combined to freak the little girl the eff out, the situation was borderline unsettling.

Naturally, Eason himself uploaded video of it to Instagram.

In a clip that David posted on Wednesday to his Instagram Story, Maryssa appears to be quite nervous while trying to navigate the path because, at one point, she says, “We’re gonna crash!”

David Eason and Maryssa

“I don’t know if I can do this,” the scared adolescent adds.

“Of course you can. Go right through the middle,” her dad advises her, before she seeems to get stuck in the mud for a moment.

“Hit the gas, baby. Straighten up the tires,” Eason tells her.

David Eason on The Land

To be clear, we're obviously not judging any parent for teaching his or her to child how to drive at the appropriate time.

But we're certainly gonna judge Eason for teaching such a young child to drive in such dangerous conditions.

He hasn't exactly earned the benefit of any doubts as a father, has he?

Jenelle and David Sittin' on a Porch

Last summer, Eason and Jenelle Evans (above) lost custody of their kids after Child Protection Services learned of the whole dog-murdering thing and deemed their home an unsafe environment.

The polarizing parents eventually got their children back, about a month later, only for Jenelle to announce late last year that she was finally separating from Eason.

David Eason, Wife

She has since filed for a restraining order against Eason, accusing him of numerous instances in which he threatened her or attacked here.

As a result, Eason can't currently spend time with the ex-couple's daughter, Ensley.

But he can send her birthday wishes.

Jenelle and David Throwback

David wrote on January 24 in celebration of Ensley turning three:

"She is such a precious baby, so smart and beautiful."

All children are a blessing, that's for sure. 

“It’s amazing how tall she is, won’t be long and she will catch up with her brothers!"

David with Kaiser and Ensley

He added:

"I know she will be very talented, she can already sing pretty good and she loves music like I do."

"It’s times like this you wish they could be little forever, even though you can’t wait to see the amazing person they will be one, day!"

Jenelle also jumped in with a message of her own:

"My one and only little girl! You light up my world," the MTV star wrote to Ensley a few days ago, concluding:

"‘A daughter is God’s way of saying thought you could use a lifelong friend.’ Here’s to 3 years old babygirl!"

We're already praying for her in anticipation of the day when she becomes old enough to learn all of this stuff.

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