Jenelle Evans & David Eason Are Totally Back Together!

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Perhaps we should've seen this one coming.

At the end of the day, we blame ourselves for being blinded by optimism.

On Wednesday, we reported that Jenelle Evans had been spotted with David Eason in Nashville.

Sources close to the former Teen Mom 2 stars claimed that they were "working on their co-parenting relationship" and putting up with each other for the sake of their daughter, Ensley.

Now, however, there's reason to believe that the estranged couple is at least considering the possibility of reconciliation.

Take a look:

1. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Well, it looks as though Jenelle Evans might have caved and given David Eason a second chance. To say that fans are disappointed would be a massive understatement.

2. The Tennessee Two

The Tennessee Two
Earlier this week, the estranged couple was spotted strolling through the Printer's Alley neighborhood of Nashville in the company of their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

3. Music City Miracle

Music City Miracle
A photo taken by a Teen Mom 2 fan was sold to TMZ. The site reported that David and Jenelle were hanging out "for [their] daughter's sake."

4. A Selfless Act?

A Selfless Act?
The site reports that Jenelle wants David to be a part of Ensley's life.

5. And a Practical One

And a Practical One
She's also sick of attending endless court hearings, and both factors led to her decision to drop her restraining order against Eason.

6. We Want to Believe

We Want to Believe
If that's really the case then we'd be happy to commend Jenelle for putting her daughter's needs first. Unfortunately, there's reason to believe she's still thinking of herself.

7. A Different Take

A Different Take
Unfortunately, the woman who took the picture claims that Jenelle and David's body language lent the impression that they are very much a couple.

8. Making His Move

Making His Move
Speaking with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the amateur photographer revealed that David appeared to be interested in much more than just co-parenting with Jenelle.

9. Happy and Relaxed

Happy and Relaxed
“David had his hand on Jenelle’s lower back pretty much the entire time,” she told The Ashley. “All seemed happy and relaxed.

10. A Shred of Normalcy

A Shred of Normalcy
“They were playing with [Ensley] in the parking garage where she was jumping and climbing around,” the witness added.

11. An Intimate Moment?

An Intimate Moment?
“It seemed like they all came together in one car…I thought I saw [David and Jenelle] holding hands briefly, too, but her demeanor did change slightly when she realized we had seen them,” the onlooker continued.

12. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
A separate source confirmed to Radar Online that there did not appear to be any bad blood between Jenelle and David.

13. Dating David

Dating David
“They both seemed just like one happy family,” the eyewitness told Radar. “David had his arm around her and they were just taking a stroll downtown.”

14. An Extended Stay

An Extended Stay
A different source informs The Ashley that David had been in Nashville for several days by the time he was spotted downtown with Jenelle. Not only that, he apparently stayed with Evans for at least part of his time in Tennessee.

15. Yes, It's Really Happening

Yes, It's Really Happening
“David has been there for a few days,” the source claims. “He was at her house.”

16. Confirmation

Perhaps hoping to subtly spread the word that he and Jenelle are back together, Eason confirmed that latter fact in an Instagram comment.

17. Classy, As Always

Classy, As Always
When a fan accused David of re-posting a pic of Ensley from Jenelle's page, David replied, "I took the picture numbnuts."

18. Never Alone

Never Alone
News of the reconciliation comes just days after the reports that Jenelle has been dumped by her most recent boyfriend, Herb Wilkinson.

19. Smart Call

Smart Call
Herb is newly sober, and sources say he (wisely) determined that it would be difficult to steer clear of the sauce while dating Jenelle.

20. Left Vulnerable?

Left Vulnerable?
“He dumped her because he felt that being with her put his sobriety at risk,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “She was actually pretty upset about it. She has only been dumped a few times by guys.”

21. Not-So-Single Mom

Not-So-Single Mom
Many Teen Mom 2 fans have pointed out that Jenelle has never been one to remain single for very long.

22. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
In fact, during her time in the spotlight, she's never gone more than a few weeks without being in a relationship.

23. We Expected More

We Expected More
Add to that the fact that Jenelle's motives for dumping David were reportedly primarily financial, and it's not so surprising that she decided to give him another chance.

24. Of Course

Of Course
“She ran out of money and realized she needed to end her marriage in order to start earning an income again,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

25. Running Out of Options

Running Out of Options
So her new relationship failed; her attempt to get back on MTV failed, and Jenelle decided to give David another shot.

26. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
At least David will have to spend the rest of his life knowing he was Jenelle's last resort.

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