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On January 8 of this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they are stepping down from their official roles within the royal family.

It’s now reported that this leaves Kate to shoulder a tremendous amount of the royal family’s day-to-day burdens, and it’s taking its toll.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Enjoy Sports Together

Us Weekly reports that Duchess Kate Middleton is beside herself as she takes on added responsibilities now that Harry has peaced out.

"She barely has time to rest," an insider describes of the mother of three.

"And when she does try to sleep," the source reports, "her mind is constantly racing."

That does not sound healthy at all — not emotionally and frankly, not physically.

Kate Middleton: Really Pregnant Again?

"She wishes she could speak to Harry," the source says.

"She misses him," the insider explains, "and fears she’ll never be close to him again."

While Harry and Meghan married relatively recently, Duchess Kate has been Harry’s sister-in-law since before they met.

Kate and William married in 2011. That’s nearly a decade of having a new, close relative …. only to have him suddenly vanish from your life.

Will and Kate Christmas Card

At this time, Kate is said to be working 18-hour days between motherhood and her royal duties.

"She’s already stretched pretty thin,” the source characterizes.

“And now," the insider remarks, "she’s really worried about how she’ll juggle the extra workload on top of her family life."

Harry was not the Crown Prince and was never going to become King, but he could attend formal events on the family’s behalf. Not anymore.

Kate Middleton Ices Out Meghan

Allegedly, Kate and Meghan have not exchanged even a single word since she and Harry made their surprise announcement.

Like the rest of the family, Kate was apparently shocked that Harry and Meghan were setting off on their own.

Kate and Meghan are apparently at odds and unlikely to rectify that, if the report is to be believed.

"They couldn’t be further apart," the source claims.

Prince Harry is fulfilling his dream — a dream he’s had since before he met Meghan, or even met Kate.

He has been talking about his longing to leave the royal family and exist as a private citizen for well over a decade.

It’s what’s right for him, it’s what’s right for Meghan after years of vicious and unwaveringly racist attacks from British tabloids.

And this departure is also what is best for their infant son, Archie, who deserves a better childhood than Harry’s.

Middleton and Markle

But, though this report is unconfirmed and honestly deeply suspect, it does make sense that some members of the family may be under added stress.

(We say "deeply suspect" because literally, who in the world is this inside source that they can allegedly report on Kate’s thoughts)

Of course, you would think that added stress would come from a certain family member’s reported involvement in a dead man’s pedophilia ring.

But apparently, the real burden on their souls is Harry wanting to find happiness before the same toxicity that killed his mother claims his wife or son.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Friendly

Realistically, if Kate is under a lot of stress, one has to imagine that it has less to do with Meghan and more to do with William.

Needless to say, Meghan is not the one who cheated on Kate in what has become the royal family’s worst kept secret fo the 21st Century.

And unlike whispers about what Kate is allegedly thinking about as she goes to sleep, many people actually believe that credible-sounding report.

We of course wish Kate the best with whatever may be troubling her, if it’s anything other than a mother-of-three’s very natural insomnia.