Sister Wives: How Much Did Their Homes Sell For?

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It's been a consistent theme of the Sister Wives franchise for many months now:

Are the Browns really in financial despair?

These Sister Wives

This topic was the focus of this past Sunday's brand new episode, as Kody Brown proposed building on giant mansion in which all his Sister Wives could reside, while the Sister Wives mostly blanched at this idea.

Due to an invasion of privacy? Yes.

But also due to questions over whether the family could actually afford such a project.

Elsewhere on this same installment, Janelle was sent to Las Vegas to try and sell the Browns' homes there.

Kody Brown and the Sister Wives, Thanksgiving 2019

Alas, at the time of filming, she was unable to do so, which is why her fellow Sister Wives and their shared husband were concerned about the future.

It's not exactly recommended for a famiily to hold five mortgages at once.

Since the airing of this episode, as most fans likely know, the Browns have managed to move their residences.

But at what cost and/or at what profit? Did they come out on top or do they remain under water?

Sister Wives Selfie

Let's take a close look at how each wife did with her Las Vegas home sale, shall we?

Robyn Brown sold her house first, within a month of it going on sale.

She listed the abose for $619,000 and ended up having to take $603,000 in the end, which isn't all that bad and, according to various sources, means the family did make a pretty solid profit on this one.

Robyn Brown Confesses

Meri’s house took longer to sell, finally getting taken off the market for $574,900.

We haven't been able to track down the initial asking price, but believe this came in not too far under it, making it yet another strong move for the family.

But that's where the the impressive wheeling and dealing ended.

Meri Photo

Janelle Brown was the third wife to sell her home, finally tracking down a buyer for $575,000.

And, lastly, Christine Brown had to take a hefty price cut before selling her home. It at last sold for $535,000. 

The thing is, all of these prices were signifiicantly higher than what the women actually paid back when they purchased the houses; sources indicate that the Browns didn't lose any money on any of the sales.

So... why are they in such financial trouble?

Sister Wives Look Sad

Why have they not even started building Kody's polygamous palace on Coyote Pass in Arizona just yet?

There may be other financial concerns about which we're not aware.

It may be because the women are happy in their separate, rented Flagstaff houses right now.

Or it may be that TLC invented this whole financial mess as a means of garnering headlines and milking each episode of ratings?

Crazier things have happened on reality television, right?

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