Jenelle Evans: No, For Real, I'm Done with David Eason!

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Jenelle Evans' love life is a mess right now.

Well, it's always been a mess, and it's very likely that it will be a mess for the rest of her days, but things have been extra confusing lately.

Is she back with David Eason?

Is she just playing nice with David for the sake of her daughter?

Is that Herb guy still in the picture?

Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this ...

1. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
Jenelle has been pretty busy for the past few months, huh?

2. A Good Move

A Good Move
Her life has been a roller coaster for a while now -- remember, last summer was when she temporarily lost custody of her kids after David killed her dog, so that must have been, you know, a lot -- but back in October, she finally announced that she was done with good ol' Dave, as well as the whole ding dang state of North Carolina.

3. Done

She made a quick move to Nashville with Kaiser and Ensley, and she mended her strained relationships with her mother, Barbara, and Nathan Griffith so she could co-parent more easily with them.

4. No More

No More
She filed a restraining order against David after submitting proof that he'd been abusive towards her and her children several times -- she even said that she feared for her life after leaving him.

5. A New Romance?

A New Romance?
She even went and got herself a new man, some guy in Boston named Herb Wilkinson, because god forbid she be single for one single solitary second.

6. Hmmm

Like, she's still Jenelle, it's not like she's a totally different person. But for a little bit there, it seemed like most people were actually rooting for her for a change.

7. But WHY?

But WHY?
And then she ruined it all a few days ago when she was spotted out and about with David.

8. Ugh

She'd dropped the restraining order so that Ensley could have a relationship with her dad again, and also because she was tired of going to court -- it must have been a real hassle to go there every once in a while to keep her children safe when she had gym selfies to take and douchebags to chase.

9. Reunited?

And shortly after that, early last week, she was seen walking around Nashville with David. Ensley was with them, so it wasn't like they were on a straight up date, but still ... super questionable, right?

10. Interesting

The person who took the photo spoke with The Ashley's Reality Roundup and claimed that “David had his hand on Jenelle’s lower back pretty much the entire time. All seemed happy and relaxed."

11. Nooo

She said that she even spotted them holding hands at one point, but when she noticed that other people were watching them, "her demeanor did change slightly."

12. Weird

Another source who saw them together told Radar that “They both seemed just like one happy family. David had his arm around her and they were just taking a stroll downtown.”

13. Gross

Yet another source told The Ashley that this wasn't even a quick visit -- he'd allegedly been in town for a few days, and at least part of that was spent at Jenelle's home.

14. HERB?!

But what about Herb? Couldn't he swoop in and rescue Jenelle from all of this? Why is she even bothering with David when she'd already begun to sink her claws into a brand new soulmate?

15. So Long, Herb

So Long, Herb
Well, it seems like Herb is out of the picture. Some sources say that his thing with Jenelle was more of a short sexy fling anyway, and others claim that he realized that being with her would be too much drama, but either way, it does look like they're done.

16. So Unfortunate

So Unfortunate
So that's it, right? Herb is out and so is the restraining order, so David is back because god forbid Jenelle be single for one solitary second.

17. Aww Man

Aww Man
And as unfortunate as it is, we do have a little more evidence to support this reunion, all from a video Jenelle uploaded to Cameo, the site where you can pay a fee for celebrities to send you a personalized message.

18. There It Is

There It Is
Here's a screenshot from the video. The lighting isn't that great, but her engagement ring is clearly visible -- and she wasn't wearing it just a week ago.

19. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
She also introduced herself as Jenelle Eason in the video, not as Jenelle Evans, and although she did make a quick post to her Instagram story to explain that Eason is still her legal last name, she's been using Evans everywhere else, sooo ...

20. More Lies?

More Lies?
She also claimed that the video in question is actually from six months ago, so it doesn't matter anyway because she was still with David then. We're not sure about that, since it doesn't look like there's an easy way to see when a video was uploaded on Cameo, but we are sure that if the video was filmed six months ago, it would have been filmed in July, and it seems odd that she'd have been wearing that big fleece hoodie in July.

21. Suspicious

But that's Jenelle's story and she's sticking to it, and thanks to a new interview with "a source close to Jenelle" from Hollywood Life, we have even more details of the story.

22. Just Friends!

Just Friends!
The source kicked things off by stating that “Jenelle was with David the other day because Jenelle wants to have a surface level friendship with David to make it easier on the co-parenting with their shared little one, not because they are working on getting back together."

23. She Won't Stand for It!

She Won't Stand for It!
“She’s already told those close to her if he shows any sign of aggression or anger she’s taking their daughter and leaving," the insider insisted. "She won’t stand for that."

24. Fair?

So even though she dropped the restraining order and is letting David creep his way back into her life, she's “come a long way” and is “trying to remain strong for her kids."

25. If Only

If Only
We know that abusive relationships are complicated and scary and awful and that it's hard to judge them from the outside, but still, it really does seem like the best way to "remain strong for her kids" would have just been to keep up the restraining order for the guy who abused them.

26. Not Psyched

Not Psyched
Time will tell if any of this is true, or if Jenelle is just trying to save face because she knows how much backlash she'll get for going back to David. And for the record, we're really, really hoping it's true.

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