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Jinger Duggar has developed a well-earned reputation as the most rebellious of all the Duggar daughters.

The mother of one lives a pretty tame lifestyle by most standards, but she’s parted with her parents’ views in a number of significant ways.

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

For example, Jinger’s decision to wear pants in violation of her family’s dress code might receive the most attention, but that’s just one of many ways in which she’s strayed from Jim Bob’s belief system.

First, Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo, a man her father openly disapproved of.

Recently, Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles, which again, might not seem like the kind of thing that would create a rift in the family.

But LA is a long way from Tontitown, Arkansas in more ways than one.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in LA

And Jinger’s decision to relocate to a bastion of West Coast liberalism created such a stir that insiders are claiming she’s been disowned by Jim Bob and Michelle.

We don’t know if the situation has really gotten that bad, but we do know that Jinger seems less and less concerned with her parents’ arbitrary rules.

As we were reminded last week, the Duggars don’t celebrate Halloween.

“From the beginning of our marriage, we just kind of felt like we didn’t want to celebrate that holiday. But we enjoy the harvest celebration," Michelle wrote on her blog.

Jinger Eating a Donut

"Our church fellowship has had different celebrations through the years that we’ve been a part of, ones where the children can play games and receive candy and toys and do all kinds of fun things, like a cake walk," she continued.

No real surprise there.

After all, if it’s fun, the Duggars are generally opposed to fun of any kind, and day that celebrates devils, witches, and ghosts seem like the sort of thing that would leave Michelle clutching her crucifix.

But based on the most recent pic of Jinger’s daughter, Felicity (below), it seems the Vuolos might be more accepting of traditional Halloween celebrations.

Jeremy is much more liberal than Jinger’s parents, but the couple still subscribes to a very old school, evangelical belief system.

Felicity Vuolo Pumpkin Pic

In other words, he’ll be the one to decide if Felicity gets to go trick-or-treating one day.

And fans think he just might allow it.

“I could see Jeremy going either way on the topic,” one follower commented on Jinger’s pumpkin pic.

“I hope she puts Felicity in the most scandalous costume imaginable… I want biker chick,” another remarked.

We don’t know about that part — but it does seem like Jinger is bracing her parents for yet another minor act of defiance.