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Putting pants on one leg at a time is such a commonplace activity that it’s used as a shorthand expression to indicate relatability.

Wearing the pants in the family, however, is something else entirely.

Jinger Duggar: Ice Skating! In Pants!
Photo via Instagram

Yes, pants have a great deal of symbolic significance in the western world, which is likely one of the reasons that Jim Bob and Michelle so strictly enforce the "skirts only" policy for their daughters.

Once the ladies enter the world and start families of their own, however, it’s their husbands who get to decide how they dress.

Yeah, it’s not the most progressive policy, but at least these women finally get some say in how they dress below the waist.

Jinger and Family
Photo via Instagram

And the first to take advantage of this newfound freedom was the family’s resident rebel, Jinger Duggar.

Yes, Jinger wears pants — but she does so with the permission of her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

But if Jinger’s latest photo is any indication, her daughter won’t need to wait until she gets hitched in order to make her own mind about what she wears.

Jinger Duggar in Sweatpants
Photo via Instagram

That’s a pic that Jinger posted to Instagram earlier this week.

“Great vibes, great coffee! The place to go for good coffee in Dallas,” Jinger captioned the photo.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that such an innocent photo could have ignited any sort of controversy or debate in the comments section, but as Hollywood Life points out, that’s exactly what happened.

Jinger Duggar in Nike

Some fans were apparently a little behind the times and were surprised to see 

“They haven’t worn pants their entire lives. Just shocked,” wrote one follower.

Others were simply happy to see Jinger still living her best life and rocking the clothes that make her feel most comfortable.

Jinger Duggar and Felicity Vuolo, Twinning
Photo via Instagram

“Your jeans look amazing,” commented another fan.

But there was a third group that felt there was more going on here than meets the eye.

By posing with her daughter and making sure that her jeans are in the frame as well, is Jinger sending a message about Felicity’s future?

Felicity Vuolo Found Her Hand
Photo via Instagram

Is she saying that the girl will be able to wear what she wants (within reason) even in childhood?

Believe it or not, that would be a massive breach of Duggar protocol and would probably piss Jim Bob off even more than his own daughters wearing pants.

Folks, this situation might soon get very interesting.