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If you know the Duggars, you know that they’re very big on rules.

In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle have a rule for just about every situation you can think of.

Duggar, Michelle

Obviously, there’s the infamous Duggar dress code that continues to shackle the family’s young women in floor-length denim skirts.

And then there are those pesky Duggar courtship rules.

Sure, lots of evangelicals don’t believe in premarital sex, but the Duggars take things a step further by banning virtually all forms of physical contact among unmarried couples, including hand-holding and “front-hugging.”

But if you thought the Duggar War on Fun ends with harsh strictures about what you should do with your body, then you don’t know the Duggars!

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Jim Bob and company have very strict rules about holidays.

To be fair, they don’t go full Jehovah’s Witness and ban all seasonal celebrations.

The Duggars do celebrate Christmas, although they eschew the usual traditions in favor of throwing a “birthday party for Jesus” because of course they do.

But one sight you’ll never see in northwestern Arkansas is a spookified Duggar toting a pillowcase full of candy corn.

UPDATE, ROUND 2: So Much Baby News!

That’s Jim Bob and Michelle have banned all Halloween celebrations in their household.

“While we do go to pumpkin patches and corn mazes, we don’t do the Halloween thing,” Michelle Duggar wrote on her blog in 2011.

“From the beginning of our marriage, we just kind of felt like we didn’t want to celebrate that holiday. But we enjoy the harvest celebration,” she continued.

“Our church fellowship has had different celebrations through the years that we’ve been a part of, ones where the children can play games and receive candy and toys and do all kinds of fun things, like a cake walk.”

Duggar Daughters Flying

So why does Michelle seem to have such a strong distaste for this one holiday?

Well, it seems that they’re convinced that costumes and “The Monster Mash” are as dangerous as the Harry Potter books in that both might lead their children into what the Duggars call “the demonic realm.” Seriously.

The Duggar girls discussed this phenomenon in-depth in their 2014 memoir:

“One specific thing that our parents have always been careful about is magic, which often shows up in children’s movies,” they wrote in the book.

“As harmless as it may seem, it’s not a joke in God’s eyes. Magic, sorcery, witches, spell-casting and the like are all part of a demonic realm that God wants us to stay away from,” the continued, presumably with straight faces.

“No matter how ‘good’ a film containing magic may seem, God speaks seriously about this throughout the Bible; it is not something to be glorified or portrayed by any means as something fun or attractive.”

To each their own, we guess.

Still, it’s kind of a bummer that the Duggar kids don’t top participate in fun traditions like watching horror movies for several weeks straight.

Of course, if the ultra-conservative Counting On clan feels like spooking themselves out in October, there is a Democratic primary debate that month!