Counting On Sneak Peek: Jinger Duggar's Rebellion, A Tragic Death, And MANY Pregnancies!

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A new season of Counting On is almost upon us.

As usual, we know most of what's happened since last season due to the fact that certain Duggars share every life detail on social media.

But what sets this season apart is the fact that a lot has happened since the family last appeared on TLC. We're talking A LOT a lot.

The Duggar baby boom, a tragic death, and even a few small acts of rebellion against patriarch Jim Bob ... the list goes on.

All that and more will be addressed when the ever-growing clan returns to TV October 4. That's right, they're almost back!

Take a look:

1. Baby Bumps Galore

Baby Bumps Galore
Yes, several Duggar women are currently expecting, which means mission accomplished for Jim Bob and Michelle, who are no doubt are basking in their glory. And getting Jana ready to care for all the grandkids.

2. Marking the Occasion

Marking the Occasion
The Duggars eschew many things in life, but gender reveals and pregnancy pics are not among them. Naturally, this special situation called for an elaborate maternity photo shoot. And this one came with a twist ...

3. Surprise Pregnancy!

Surprise Pregnancy!
Yes, John David Duggar's new wife, Abbie Burnett, chose the occasion to reveal to her sisters-in-law that she too is knocked up! Wow!

4. Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe
Suffice it to say, the rest of the ladies were overjoyed by the deluge of pregnancy news - in other words, it was the kind of thing we've seen many times before on Counting On.

5. The Boom is Upon Us

The Boom is Upon Us
Yes, the baby boom is in full swing and it likely won't be the last. But elsewhere in the Duggar clan, major change is afoot!

6. LA Woman

LA Woman
For example, it seems this season will document Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's move to Los Angeles, which has been a source of both excitement and controversy ever since they made the journey out to the west coast.

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