Jinger Duggar STUNS Fans With Gorgeous Dress in Wedding Snap

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While her sister Jill Duggar is finally realizing that kids will ruin your life, Jinger has been more or less living it up in California.

For the first time in her life, she can make her own clothing choices, even if that means wearing "skimpy" outfits that her dad would hate.

Jinger has great taste. In a new wedding photo, she is stunning fans with her style. And Jeremy and Felicity don't look half-bad, either.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, and Felicity Vuolo Attend a Wedding

"I love Autumn weddings," Jinger Duggar Vuolo proclaims in the caption of this touching family photo.

Here, we see Jinger wearing a navy blue dress.

What it covers in sleeves it makes up for in skirt length, and the lower hem leaves Jinger's knees exposed even when she's standing.

The platforms in her sandals give her diminutive height a bit of a boost, though she's still considerably shorter than Jeremy.

Her hair remains blonde -- a move that continues to shock some longtime Duggar fans to their cores.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in LA

The family of three flew out from California to a familiar state, Texas.

There, they were guests of two friends, Cade Foehner and Gabby Barrett, as they tied the knot.

Cade and Gabby actually competed against each other in Season 16 of American Idol.

While both couples have been friends for some time, Jinger and Jeremy were more than simple guests.

Jeremy actually officiated the wedding, as well, which had a very rustic motif (as you may be able to tell by the old wood background, above).

Jinger Eating a Donut

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that Jinger and Jeremy are good friends with Cade and Gabby.

Though it's believed that the two couples only started hanging out early this year, they have a very close bond.

Both couples share a strong sense of religious adherence (all involved are Christians).

And both couples participate in similar ministries.

Jeremy has previously joked on social media that Cade and Gabby were grooming him and Jinger to perform as a musical duo. It was a joke.

It's also notable that Gabby gets along very well with adorable little Felicity.

Jinger Duggar Is Blonde

It's not clear when (or if) Cade and Gabby intend to welcome a child of their own.

But we could see how cute little Felicity could ignite a baby fever in just about anyone.

In the mean time, fans are singing the praises of Jinger's sense of style and fashion.

She wore such a tasteful, beautiful dress to her friends' wedding.

And it's just the sort of thing that her parents would never have dreamt of allowing her to wear.

Jinger Duggar Bares Shoulders

Some fans have wondered if, between Jinger's move to California and her husband's beliefs about dress codes, Jinger is straying from her family.

While it's possible that her dressing like a human being and not like a pile of wrinkled earth tones has raised some eyebrows ...

... We should keep in mind that Jinger isn't really "straying."

According to the Duggar fertility cult's beliefs, daughters are their father's property until they are traded off to an approved husband.

So even if Jim Bob believes that seeing a woman's shin is tantamount to motorboating her, it's officially Jeremy's "call" how Jinger dresses.

And Jeremy is firmly of the belief that his savior has bigger priorities than who is wearing shorts.

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