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Folks, we have good news and even better news:

The good news is, Hannah Brown is engaged!

An Excited Hannah
Photo via ABC

The even better news?

She’s not engaged to Luke Parker!

Once again, Reality Steve has delivered in the spoilers department, and it sounds like everything’s coming up roses for the Beast Mode Bachelorette.

In case it’s not abundantly clear, major Bachelorette spoilers lie ahead, so read no further if you wish to be surprised by this year’s finale!

Beautiful Hannah Brown
Photo via ABC

There was a lot of speculation over the weekend surrounding photos of Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt, who were both spotted partying near their respective hometowns.

Since Hannah wasn’t present at either fiesta, and since other females were on hand, many took the celebrations as signs that Tyler and Jed are both still single.

But now, Reality Steve is shutting the rumor mill down and setting the record straight:

First, he informs his readers that Tyler and Jed were Hannah’s final two bachelors.

The Lucky Bro-chelors

Then, he tells us in no uncertain terms:

"Hannah picked Tyler Cameron and they are engaged."

We’ve known the identities of Hannah’s final four for quite some time, but this is our first official confirmation that Hannah ends up with Tyler C. in the end.

So who is the lucky guy who will hopefully be exchanging vows with Hannah in the very near future?

Tyler Cameron
Photo via Instagram

Well, he’s a model and former college football player who will have his first one-on-one date with Hannah during tonight’s episode.

Tyler had aspirations of becoming an NFL quarterback, but those dreams came crashing down when he came off the bench for Wake Forest during a 2013 game against Florida State.

Cameron posted Nathan Peterman-like numbers in his brief outing, throwing three interceptions in the span of just four passes.

Those would have been solid stats if the opposing secondary played for Tyler’s team, but alas, that was not the case, and poor Mr. Cameron was condemned to the drudgery of male modeling. Quelle horreur!

Tyler C.
Photo via ABC

Anyway, clearly Tyler charmed Hannah, and he’ll have his first chance to charm America tonight.

We don’t know much about him, but we know he’s not Luke Parker, which is good enough for us.

As for Luke, he reportedly gets sent home for slut-shaming Hannah, which confirms that he’s every bit the douche-nozzle we suspected him of being.

For the latest on that situation and more spoilers on this wild season of The Bachelorette, check out the gallery below: