The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Gets Exposed? Who Wins Hannah's Heart? [UPDATED]

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The downside of producing a reality show all over the world is that it's hard to keep The Bachelorette spoilers under wraps.

As a result, Bachelorette spoilers often hit then internet well before the first episode airs - and this season is no different!

We already gave you the inside scoop on Luke Parker (ugh), Jed Wyatt (double ugh) and the rest of the contestants.

Now, thanks to Bachelorette and Bachelor spoiler master Reality Steve, we know the identities of Hannah's final four ...

... and beyond. Boy is there a twist coming, too. Several, really. So buckle up, because we're going to spill it all now.

After all, it's hard to wait a whole week between episodes, inquiring minds want to know, and we're such good friends.

And hey, if you happen to win big in your office pool 'cause of this, don't forget your friends at The Hollywood Gossip!

UPDATE: We've received some new intel regarding the identity of Hannah's fiance ... and oh man is there a twist!

Read on for spoilers that will blow your mind!

1. The Queen of Roses

The Queen of Roses
Hannah will hand out a lot of roses when her season begins in May. But in the end, only one eligible bachelor will be left standing.

2. Globetrotter

As you know from previous seasons, the show's cast members do a ridiculous amount of traveling.

3. Where In the World Is Hannah Brown?

Where In the World Is Hannah Brown?
The upside of this is that Hannah and her chosen companions get to see the world.

4. Loose Lips

Loose Lips
The downside is that it's that much harder for producers to keep certain key details under wraps.

5. Valuable Intel

Valuable Intel
Yes, even the patriarchal presence of Chris Harrison isn't enough to keep Hannah safe from the prying eyes of international Bachelorette obsessives.

6. The Lucky Bro-chelors

The Lucky Bro-chelors
And so, without further ado, we give you the lucky gents who advanced beyond the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight to join the ranks of Beast Mode Hannah's Final Four.

7. Luke Parker

Luke Parker
First up is a guy we've told you about before. Luke is a 24-year-old former college baseball player from Hannah's home state of Alabama.

8. The Favorite

The Favorite
He emerged as a frontrunner early on, and a Reddit user who claims to know Luke in real life says he's very much Hannah's type.

9. The Total Package?

The Total Package?
"I can see him going far this season. He’s very good looking, knows how to be charming, played baseball in college (so into sports), and is extremely religious," the Redditor wrote.

10. Sounds Like a Home Run!

Sounds Like a Home Run!
"Oh also he has a sister-in-law named Hannah, so I saw they were all joking that if he married her there would be two Hannah P’s in the family!" the insider added.

11. The Rest

The Rest
But like we said, we've known about Luke for a while now. Who else captured Hannah's heart this season?

12. Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron
Tyler is another lucky fella who made it into Hannah's final four. As you may have guessed from his Zoolander-esque photo, Tyler is a male model.

13. Date Night

Date Night
Tyler is also a former college football player and "custom home builder." Reality Steve managed to obtain this photo of Hannah on a date with the dude.

14. Over the Moon, All the Way to Jupiter

Over the Moon, All the Way to Jupiter
Sources have confirmed that Hannah headed to Tyler's hometown of Jupiter, Florida to film a segment there earlier this week.

15. Jed Wyatt

Jed Wyatt
Next in Hannah's final four is Jed Wyatt. Jed is a 25-year-old musician from Tennessee who is said to be something of a "player."

16. Player Problems?

Player Problems?
"I talked to someone who knows him and they said, 'he is a player and wouldn’t be surprised if comes across like a douche on the show," a fan wrote on Reddit.

17. Bad News

Bad News
"This person said that they ran in the same friend group so I’m pretty sure she knows him very well and the type of guy he is."

18. Peter Weber

Peter Weber
The final member of Hannah's final four is Peter Weber. Sadly, all of Peter's social media accounts are set to private, so pretty much all we know about him (not from the show, that is) is that he's a pilot. Will he have a chance against the better-known competition? Well ...

19. UPDATE: No Luck For Luke!

UPDATE: No Luck For Luke!
Despite being identified as "the frontrunner" from day one, it appears that Luke Parker did NOT make it past the final four stage. Pretty major turn of events right there, and apparently it came after tensions escalated beyond the point of no return.

20. Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend
The news comes to us courtesy of Steve, the Oracle of Bachelorette spoilers, who tweeted, "I can now report that for the first time in five seasons, the first impression rose recipient will not win the Bachelorette." Ohhhhh, snap!

21. Sent Packing

Sent Packing
"I’ve seen the evidence I needed. Luke Parker was eliminated at the overnight date rose ceremony," he continued, delivering a bombshell we have all been waiting to hear.

22. Hometown Hannah

Hometown Hannah
In addition to Luke, the lucky guys who made it to the hometown stage were Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber. So it's a safe assumption that one of them will receive the final rose. As for who ... well, only time (or additional spoilers) will tell. SPEAKING OF WHICH:

23. UPDATE: Luke the Douche!

UPDATE: Luke the Douche!
Evidently Luke was sent home during his overnight date after he basically slut-shamed Hannah Brown for hooking up with her other dates. Not cool, Luke. Not all that surprising coming from this lowlife, sadly, but nevertheless. Not. Cool.

24. He's in the Final Two!

He's in the Final Two!
Yes, Jed Wyatt makes it all the way to the freaking finale alongside Tyler Cameron. Peter Weber gets the boot and finishes the season in third place, behind a dude who was with some other girl the night before he flew to Los Angeles and admitted that he only applied to boost his career in the first place. Poor Peter. Poor Hannah. Poor everyone.

25. Oh, and About Jed

Oh, and About Jed
Jed Wyatt has been overshadowed by Luke Parker all season long, but has been on one hell of a roll in his own right. Dude admitted he came on the show to promote his music career, but claims he legitimately fell for Ms. Hannah in the process. Somehow she bought it, but ... there's more. A lot more.

26. Meet Haley Stevens

Meet Haley Stevens
Wyatt was allegedly four months into a relationship with fellow Nashville-based musician Haley Stevens when the show began. Stevens said they spent the night together THE DAY BEFORE he left to film the show and that he claimed it was "'a huge opportunity. I'm only doing this for my music.'" Yes, this fool made it to the final three of the season. Unbelievable. But not as unbelievable as this ...

27. And the Winner Is ...

And the Winner Is ...
Well, at least she didn't get engaged to Jed in the end. The bar has been set pretty low, but we have been able to confirm that the lucky guy who received Hannah's final rose is none other than Tyler Cameron. Will it last? Will other scandals emerge? We can't say, but that's how the season ends, folks, and obviously we wish the couple nothing but the best.

28. Congrats to the Happy Couple!

Congrats to the Happy Couple!
Tyler is a college football player turned male model, which makes him seemingly a great fit for Alabama Hannah on paper at least. On the season finale, he gave Hannah a ring in exchange for her final rose, and the couple is now engaged! Hooray!

29. ANOTHER UPDATE: Tyler Is Out! Jed Is In!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tyler Is Out! Jed Is In!
Here at THG, we try to only bring you the most accurate and reliable spoilers, but even the savviest prognosticators get it wrong sometimes! It's now our duty to inform you that Reality Steve has retracted his initial report about Tyler Cameron, and is now reporting that Jed Wyatt is the man who stole Hannah's heart!

30. Mr. Beast Mode

Mr. Beast Mode
“[Three] weeks ago I started hearing that Hannah was with Jed and not Tyler,” he wrote in a new blog post. “Hannah chose Jed at the end and they are engaged," Steve continued, adding that his info is rock solid this time around.

31. Hannah's Man

Hannah's Man
So there you have it, folks. We don't know the exact nature of Steve's info, but he says he's fully confident that Jed and Hannah are engaged. The decision won't sit well with some fans, given Jed's shadiness, but hey -- at least she didn't wind up with Luke P!

32. UPDATE #3: Jed Is OUT!

UPDATE #3: Jed Is OUT!
Well, that didn't last long. Reality Steve is now reporting that Hannah has dumped Hed after learning of his infidelity.

33. The Right Call

The Right Call
The decision comes just days after a woman came forward with claims that they slept together while he was dating Hannah ... and just before he boarded his flight to LA!

34. Alone Again

Alone Again
We're sure it wasn't an easy decision for Hannah to make, and it sucks that she's alone again after all that time seeking Mr. Right. But there's no question that she made the right call.

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