The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Gets Exposed? Who Wins Hannah's Heart? [UPDATED]

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The downside of producing a reality show all over the world is that it's hard to keep The Bachelorette spoilers under wraps.

As a result, Bachelorette spoilers often hit then internet well before the first episode airs - and this season is no different!

We already gave you the inside scoop on Luke Parker (ugh), Jed Wyatt (double ugh) and the rest of the contestants.

Now, thanks to Bachelorette and Bachelor spoiler master Reality Steve, we know the identities of Hannah's final four ...

... and beyond. Boy is there a twist coming, too. Several, really. So buckle up, because we're going to spill it all now.

After all, it's hard to wait a whole week between episodes, inquiring minds want to know, and we're such good friends.

And hey, if you happen to win big in your office pool 'cause of this, don't forget your friends at The Hollywood Gossip!

UPDATE: We've received some new intel regarding the identity of Hannah's fiance ... and oh man is there a twist!

Read on for spoilers that will blow your mind!

1. The Queen of Roses

The Queen of Roses
Hannah will hand out a lot of roses when her season begins in May. But in the end, only one eligible bachelor will be left standing.

2. Globetrotter

As you know from previous seasons, the show's cast members do a ridiculous amount of traveling.

3. Where In the World Is Hannah Brown?

Where In the World Is Hannah Brown?
The upside of this is that Hannah and her chosen companions get to see the world.

4. Loose Lips

Loose Lips
The downside is that it's that much harder for producers to keep certain key details under wraps.

5. Valuable Intel

Valuable Intel
Yes, even the patriarchal presence of Chris Harrison isn't enough to keep Hannah safe from the prying eyes of international Bachelorette obsessives.

6. The Lucky Bro-chelors

The Lucky Bro-chelors
And so, without further ado, we give you the lucky gents who advanced beyond the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight to join the ranks of Beast Mode Hannah's Final Four.

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