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Some unexpected news from the set of The Bachelorette today.

As you may already know, spoilers for Hannah Brown’s season of the show have been rolling in at a surprising rate — and we can now tell you just about everything you need to know about how it all plays out.

Traveling Hannah
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We probably don’t need to say this, but for the sake of those idly skimming through in search of something to get pissed off about — spoilers lie ahead!

From the very start, we’ve been hearing that Hannah was smitten with Luke Parker.

Luke received the all-important first impression rose, and production insiders frequently claimed that it didn’t look as though the other dudes had a chance.

Luke Parker Photo
Photo via Instagram

But now, it seems the Georgia entrepreneur will not be the one to receive Hannah’s final rose.

Spoiler king Reality Steve revealed this week that Parker was unexpectedly ousted from the competition:

“(SPOILER): I can now report that for the first time in 5 seasons, the first impression rose recipient will not win the Bachelorette," he tweeted

"I’ve seen the evidence I needed. Luke Parker was eliminated at the overnight date rose ceremony.”

Luke P.
Photo via ABC

Yes, believe it or not, recent winners Garrett Yrigoyen, Bryan Abasolo, Shawn Booth, and Jordan Rodgers all received both the first and the last rose.

And four of those contestants are still in relationships with the Bachelorettes from their respective seasons.

Of course, Hannah’s season has already been full of surprises, what with two suitors being removed from the competition before they filmed a single scene.

Currently, two guys are still standing as filming for Hannah’s season draws to a close.

The Lucky Bro-chelors

Reality Steve previously confirmed that in addition to Parker, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber were the guys who made it to the hometown stage.

Of those three, it’s unclear which two are still in the competition.

So we know Hannah’s final four, and we know that the favorite has been unexpectedly kicked to the curb.

For the rest, we may have to wait until Hannah’s season premieres on May 13 — or at least until Reality Steve’s next tweet.