Tamra Judge Reunites with Ex, Only Daughter Still Speaking to Her

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Tamra Judge clearly loves her husband Eddie Judge. In the mean time, things have often been stranged with her ex-husband, Simon Barney.

But the former spouses united for a photo and a very special reason.

Their younger daughter, Sophia Barney, just hit a huge milestone.

Simon Barney, Sophia Barney, Tamra Judge Pose for 8th Grade Dance

Tamra Judge shareda  photo of her standing beside her younger daughter, Sophia Barney.

Standing on Sophia's other side is Tamra's ex, Simon Barney.

The two have had a contantious relationship following their 2010 divorce, including Simon's bid for full custody in 2014.

But Tamra and Simon reunited to honor their daughter, and Tamra's caption explained the special occasion.

"8th grade dance," Tamra writes.

Tamra Judge proud of Sophia Barney

Finishing 8th grade is a huge milestone, and the dance marks the end of your middle school experience.

"We are so proud of you Sophia," Tamra affirms in her Instagram Story.

She shared a black-and-white photo (honestly, they could have used a better photographer, but it was probably Spencer or someone so we'll be nice).

Tamra signed the second pic: "Mom & Dad."

Simon and Tamra have their differences, or they wouldn't have divorced, but they came together to support Sophia.

Tamra Judge uses Sophia Barney texts for attention, sympathy

As recently as April, Tamra Judge was using Sophia as a weapon against Simon on social media.

Tamra shared a screenshot message of texts between herself and her middle schooler.

"Breaks my heart that Sophia feels left out," Tamra wrote atop the screenshot.

Tamra added: "We’ve begged her dad."

Clearly, she was trying to use (misplaced) "shame" or public pressure to strongarm Simon into turning Sophia into reality fodder to give Tamra another storyline or two.

Tamra Judge, Spencer Barney hug screenshot

This isn't the first time that Simon's (extremely wise!) refusal to allow Tamra to exploit their kids on reality TV has come up.

"Tonight’s episode is extra special to me," Tamra wrote late last year. "Spencer’s 18 birthday."

"The last time you saw Spencer on #rhoc was his 7th birthday," she noted.

"I’m so proud of Spencer and his choices in life," Tamra added.

Tamra Judge on the Couch

"I just need to clarify," she followed up after reading comments.

"I’ve never had a strain in my relationship with my 3 kids Ryan, Spencer, Sophia," Tamra said.

"Spencer is now a legal adult and can sign his own contract," she explained.

"Sophia would love to film," Tamra announced. "But her father won’t sign and network needs both parents to sign."

Tamra Judge and Sidney Barney, Graduation 2017

If you read Tamra's message and thought "wait, doesn't she have four kids?" ... you're absolutely right.

Tamra is currently estranged from Sidney, her eldest daughter, after crossing a number of boundaries.

Sidney has a lot of very understandable resentments towards her mother, accusing her of both neglect and emotional abuse.

In stunning displays of courage and moral fortitude, Sidney has spoken out against Tamra after her name and image have shown up on Tamra's Instagram.

It looks like Tamra may be finally learning to keep Sidney's name out of her mouth.

Tamra Barney, Ryan Vieth

Tamra Judge's son Ryan Veith went on a violent homophobic and transphobic rant earlier this year.

At the time, he expressed a desire for people to go on a "murderous rampage" in order to target and kill transgender people.

Don't worry, he also targeted the gay community with his bigotry. He had plenty of vile hatred to spew.

Sincere congratulations to Sophia on her imminent status as a high schooler.

Her family is complicated, but that shouldn't stop her from forging her own path -- like Sidney did.

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