Farrah Abraham: Mother Seeking Custody of Sophia After Assault Charges!

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There's a lot going on with Farrah Abraham at the moment, huh?

And not one single bit of it is good.

Farrah and Sophia with Flowers

This week, her dog died -- a Pomeranian named Blue that she and Sophia had gotten five years ago.

As if that wasn't sad enough, Farrah made the situation sad in a different way by filming a video of Sophia crying over the dog's lifeless body and throwing it up on Instagram.

On top of losing poor, poor Blue, it was just decided that she'd face charges for assaulting that hotel employee last month in Beverly Hills.

You remember what happened: she started arguing with other guests at the hotel, and she got so annoying that a security guard came to kick her out.

She allegedly became violent with the guard, hitting him in the face with her arm and then grabbing and pushing his face with her hand, and police were called.

When officers arrived, she told them to "f-ck off" and "go f-ck yourselves" multiple times, and when they took her to jail, she stayed there until the next afternoon.

Farrah Abraham Sucks at Photoshop

She's been charged with battery and with resisting arrest -- both misdemeanors.

And on top of that, Farrah has been pretty messy lately, more than usual, even.

Her frozen yogurt shop got shut down, she's been feuding with other reality stars, she's been messing with her face again ...

It's a tough time to be an Abraham.

Since Farrah has been having such a tough time right now, her mother, Debra Danielsen, has been talking to anyone who will listen about how maybe she should have custody of Sophia instead.

And since Farrah could be facing up to 18 months in jail with her new charges, she just might have a point.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Debra discusses what's going on with her estranged daughter.

Debra Danielsen on Instagram

"It's sad to say," she tells the website, "but you can't disrespect other people and get away with it. It's important for Farrah to learn she needs to respect other people."

She also says that she agrees with the charges, so it sounds like she's totally cool with her golden child spending some time behind bars.

Us too, Deb.

Thanks to all of this new criminal nonsense, and also because of who Farrah is as a person, Debra says she has "no doubt" that Sophia would have a better life with her.

"I would have Sophia in a great school," she explains. "She can socialize and be a kid, just like Farrah. She needs to be a regular kid."

"Go to school and achieve academically. She loves science."

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie

Doesn't that break your heart, that Sophia loves science? Because realistically, how much science is she able to study while being homeschooled by Farrah?

Debra also believes that Sophia is too young to be traveling so much and going to the kind of events that Farrah attends.

"There are too many pedophiles out there who take advantage of minors," she argues. "It's a scary world out there."

"Sophia is so precious. She is a blessing. I would not put my child on display."

But even though she feels so strongly about this, she says that she won't fight Farrah for custody -- not because she doesn't want it, but because as a grandparent, she simply doesn't have the right.

"There are laws in this country that prohibit grandparents from protecting grandchildren," she claims.

"Sometimes it's in the best interest of the minor a grandparent could step in. Why? To give the parent a time out to take care of themselves. There is no harm in that."

Farrah and Sophia at the MTV Movie Awards

She says that even if she had a team of lawyers, she legally wouldn't be able to get Sophia, which honestly seems a bit off to us.

There are so many grandparents who have taken custody of their grandchildren in situations like these.

That's why Jenelle Evans' mother has custody of her son.

Debra may be unsuccessful, but if she's that worried about Farrah's ability to parent, there's absolutely no reason why she can't at least try to get custody of Sophia.

But there could be a chance Deb is making that excuse because she doesn't want Farrah to cut her out of her life completely, which she could very well do if a custody battle were to begin.

"I do believe it can be fixed," she said of her relationship with Farrah.

"Farrah, I love her very much. She is my daughter. I have sacrificed and given my life to her. I wish her nothing but well."

Farrah Abraham on the Red Carpet

Who would do a better job at raising Sophia?

Honestly, it's hard to say.

We believe Debra when she says that she'd get her into a nice school, which would be so much better for her than being dragged around the world with Farrah.

But on the other hand ... Debra raised Farrah.

She's also filmed abusing her on Teen Mom more than once.

We're not exactly confident in her ability to raise a child, either.

Best of luck, Sophia. You're going to need it.

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