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That Farrah Abraham, always getting into trouble with that big, silly mouth of hers!

Except this time, Farrah made have run that mouth about the wrong person.

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Seriously, she really messed up this time.

OK, so are you familiar with Drita D’Avanzo? She was on Mob Wives, she was friends with the legendary Big Ang, and she’s known for having a bit of a temper.

Like, she was arrested a couple of years ago for beating her neighbor over a parking spot. Drita does not play around.

Anyway, Drita and Farrah appeared together at the opening of an Atlantic City club on Thursday night, and afterwards, Farrah took to her Instagram to rant about the experience.

In a live video, she explained "I normally don’t do joint appearances because to be honest, I am done with other quote unquote reality people."

"I feel like they’re either hung up on drugs, drinking, f-cked up, unprofessional, just f-cking nasty pieces of sh-t on earth."

It’s funny, because Farrah is most definitely in the category of "reality people," and there are many of her peers that would likely call her "f-cked up, unprofessional, just f-cking nasty pieces of sh-t on earth."

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

But that’s a conversation for another day.

Without saying Drita’s name, Farrah siad "You have someone show up and like talk to the owner about how you couldn’t send her her freaking money at my dinner table because she didn’t want to eat together, but then she can’t even do the photos for the club, she can’t meet anymore, she can’t talk to anyone, then she just disappears!"

"Here’s my vibe," she continued. "If you can’t be professional to show up to work, don’t cry to other people when you have no money, no work, no nothing … because you are nothing."

"I’m sorry, if you are replaceable in the workforce, no one wants to hire you — that’s not everyone’s fault, that is your fault."

She told her followers that "I had to release this, because I am done. I don’t even know why they even shared my night with someone who is a has-been."

"I’m like, give me a break, it’s either you’re nice, you’re amazing, you have a good work ethic, or stay the f-ck out of my way!"

Again, it’s funny, because she’s never nice or amazing, right? Is she honestly this delusional?

Farrah Abraham Fired

Well, yes.

But that’s what happened when Farrah met Drita.

And when Page Six reached out to Drita for a comment on what Farrah had said, the Mob Wives star said "I’m going to slap the sh-t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f-cker."

You’re already living for this feud, right?

Drita also said that she wasn’t too clear on who Farrah is, and that she thinks she’s "an unemployed porn star."

She "doesn’t care if she’s a hooker," but still, "she f-cked with the wrong person."

She repeated those comments in a video she shared on Instagram last night:

It seems like in the time between the interview and the Instagram video, she figured out that Farrah’s famous for being on Teen Mom OG, but she still thinks that later "she became a hooker or some sh-t."

But that doesn’t bother her — she explained that what does bother her is that Farrah was nice to her face, and then later "ripped me to shreds."

"I don’t know who you dealt with in the past," Drita said, "but you got the wrong motherf-cker."

"I no longer assault anybody, because the last time someone tried to test me they ended up putting me in jail. You’re not worth it."

"However," she added, "I might have to make an exception."

It’s at this point that you really start to appreciate how badly Farrah messed up, right?

For what it’s worth though, Drita did say that "I’m not gonna closed fist punch your face in, I’m gonna open hand smack the f-ck out of you, straight up, on sight. Just so you know."

Drita D'Avanzo

Small miracles, huh?

If you’ve already gotten so invested in this amazing new reality star feud, don’t worry — we have one more bit of news!

Farrah saw Drita’s comments about her comments, and she addressed her on Twitter directly, writing one of her most aggressive word salads yet!

"F-cking low class trash dusted up nobody show up and work you have no work ethic and act like a criminal say what you want about me so you feel better about how pathetic you are!" she tweeted.

"Use me for press haha your a loser go get a real job my lawyer will be contacting you Psycho."


She also tweeted "Dinner & Atlantic City was fabulous I hope the clown fixes her drug problem & her abusive relationship."

"Girl I’m rootin for ya but have self control & don’t threaten my safety such a bad look on top of not working no wonder you don’t get paid."

Can’t wait to see what happens next!