Farrah Abraham Shares Shower Selfie of Daughter, Can't Stop Failing at Motherhood

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Farrah Abraham is ... she's just so ... it's like she's always ...

Look, she's just a lot, OK? She's a lot to handle, she's got a lot going on, and it takes a lot to comprehend how she even exists in this world.

Lately -- or, all right, for nearly the entire decade or so that she's been famous -- it seems like she's really been intent on being the biggest mess she can be, and we appreciate that.

Except her wild and crazy decisions have had quite the impact on her daughter, Sophia ... and that's not so cool.

In the past few months, Farrah's been making increasingly poor parenting choices, so now seems like as good a time as ever to do a retrospective on her biggest fails, right?

Buckle up, because this one's going to hurt.

1. The Dream Team

The Dream Team
This is Farrah and Sophia. They travel the world together, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. It is weird.

2. Plane Shower!

Plane Shower!
Here's the most recent shenanigan, and the inspiration for this look back on all of Farrah's fails -- our girl actually thought it was a good idea to take a photo of her nine-year-old in the shower and put it on Instagram. For real, she thought that in her head. And then she did it.

3. Juice ... or Not?

Juice ... or Not?
Also this month, we saw this photo of Sophia drinking this fancy beverage. It turned out to be juice infused with gold flakes, but you know what most people thought it was? Booze.


And shortly before THAT, Farrah was with Sophia in France, and Sophia shared this photo on Instagram. With the caption "I love my mamas booty." Because that's normal.

5. But Why?

But Why?
You might be thinking that that's a whole lot of weirdness for such a short span of time, but let's not forget that back in April, Farrah thought that a good mother-daughter activity would be butt injections. She was the only one who got the procedure at least -- Sophia just filmed it all for posterity. Still ... why does this have to happen at all?

6. Nope Nope Nope

Nope Nope Nope
Perhaps the most disturbing moment (so far this year, anyway) happened back in February, when Farrah admitted that she and Sophia run around naked together. And they take pictures.

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