Farrah Abraham: My Kid's Dog Died! For Real! Watch Her Cry! We're Having it Stuffed!

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Farrah Abraham has never been known to be compassionate or thoughtful, nor has she been known to make solid parenting choices.

But still, this new thing is despicable, even for her.

Just days after she handed herself a brand new scandal by trying to convince her daughter to "prank" some friends by telling them her dog died, her dog actually died.
Yep, karma acted swiftly here, and unfortunately, a sweet little dog named Blue paid the price.
But the way Farrah is handling the situation is sincerely unbelievable ...

1. The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo
Look, Farrah makes a whole, whole lot of bad choices as a mother. She just does. We've discussed this many, many times.

2. SUCH Bad Choices

SUCH Bad Choices
Farrah thought it was a good idea to pull Sophia out of school so that she could homeschool her. In reality, it was not a good idea at all, because if Farrah has such trouble stringing a sentence together, how is she going to be responsible for a child's entire education?

3. Tsk Tsk

Tsk Tsk
There's also that whole thing where she seems incapable of understanding that some things should be off limits for children, like discussions about her sex tape and eyebrow waxings.

4. Oh No ...

Oh No ...
But earlier this week, Farrah went and topped herself by trying to convince Sophia and her friends to prank someone by telling them that her dog died.

5. Um

It was weird because how is that a prank? Farrah's master plan was for Sophia to ring someone doorbell, run away, and then go back and tell that person that her dog had died. Is that ... is that supposed to be funny? What is even the point? Also, how twisted is that idea?!

6. Dang, Karma

Dang, Karma
That happened just a few days ago, and you won't believe what's happened for the Abrahams now.

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