Farrah Abraham Frozen Yogurt Store: Shut Down!! :'-(

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While fans are worrying if Farrah Abraham's latest feud will get her assassinated by the mob, Farrah has other business troubles.

We actually don't mean Farrah's sex work. Remember how she owns a frozen yogurt business for whatever reason?

It seems that it's closing its doors. In fact, like Farrah herself so often is, the store's former location has now been stripped bare.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia at FroCo

Farrah Abraham's FroCo Fresh Frozen, a frozen yogurt restaurant located in an upscale shopping center outside of Austin, Texas, has closed.

The folks over at Starcasm hit the pavement to visit the Lakeway, Texas location of Farrah's latest venture.

The doors are closed. The space is dark, and will apparently be available for a new lease in August.

The logo and store name have been purged from the exterior.

More than that, however, the interior has reportedly been stripped bare of decorations. Even things like electrical features are missing, leaving behind exposed outlets.

FroCo interior shot

The most heartwarming sight of all that Starcasm reported spotting was a trash back full of those nightmarish Cobas.

Cobas are FroCo's "cute" mascots, and only the mascot McDonald's introduced in 2014 fills us with greater dread.

If you can stare into these large, soulless eyes without a sense of despair, you're made of sterner stuff than we are.

Anyway, we don't think that the trash bag necessarily means that they're being tossed in the garbage.

If FroCo is closing for good, then we imagine that Farrah will want to sell them to her fans (yes, she has them) as collectables.

But there's another possibility.

Farrah Abraham at FroCo

It is possible that FroCo is simply moving to another location.

First of all, FroCo's Instagram account has continued to post as if nothing has changed.

Over the weekend, they were still encouraging people to drop by their location.

Even on Tuesday, July 3, the account was still posting -- this time, however, asking fans to demand that their local grocery stores order FroCo for their inventories.

Is it possible that FroCo is rebranding itself from a gaudily decorated frozen yogurt establishment to a frozen yogurt brand available nationwide?

Or is this just a change in venue -- so that Farrah's dream for the store can be fully realized?

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie

See, Farrah has long envisioned FroCo as a place standing out from regular frozen yogurt stores.

(We have to point out that, and this is a bit of a spoiler, but the hit comedy The Good Place establishes that frozen yogurt is so unsatisfying that it's made widely available to damned souls. That arguably fits Farrah's brand)

Farrah wants FroCo to be like a miniature theme park. You know, like, playspaces at fast food restaurants?

She wants that, but for kids whose hands are sticky from eating frozen yogurt instead of greasy from touching french fries with their hands.

Specifically, Farrah wants a play space and she also wants the location to have a party room.

FroCo nightmare mascot

(Don't stare at this photo too long, or they will start to stare back)

Michael Abraham tells Starcasm that "All is good in Froco land!”

So they're apparently not going out of business.

“Farrah’s lease expired," Michael explains. "And Farrah is taking her ‘Froco’ brand to the next level: into grocery store food chains and other select outlets.”

Those Instagram posts that we mentioned, he says, were planned.

“This has been in the works for a while," Michael reports. "Along with a few ‘other’ business ideas coming out."

As Starcasm notes, Farrah's original plans were for opening FroCo on Austin's very trendy South Congress Ave. Some couldn't help but wonder if Farrah is planning to expand there.

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