Farrah Abraham: I'm a BAD Mom!

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Well, she finally admitted it. Farrah Abraham is officially a bad mom.

Of course, we think this might be her version of sarcasm.

Farrah Abraham: Bad Mom!

Farrah posted the above pic to Instagram and Snapchat yesterday along with the following caption:

"Being a #badmom is so hot right now #badmoms which bad mom did I most relate too .... I'm between (Amy & Gwendolyn) Hmmmm shout out to my mom pal @JulieMcAnany for that vodka🍾."


We get that, in her own confusing way, Farrah is promoting the new comedy Bad Moms, but a lot of her fans seem confused by the message that incompetent parenting is "so hot right now," like Owen Wilson in Zoolander.

Part of the problem is that it's an odd sentiment coming from Farrah, who has frequently and recently been accused of being an unfit mother.

Much of the controversy has stemmed from inappropriate photos of Farrah's daughter Sophia that the Teen Mom star has been sharing on social media in recent weeks.

It seems the 7-year-old is pursuing a career in modeling, and naturally, Farrah is all for it.

Of course, this isn't the sort of work that's typical of child models.

Sophia isn't selling toys or kids' clothes.

Rather, she's posing for the kind of photos usually associated with much more grown-up models:

Sophia Abraham Modeling Pic

And naturally, Farrah responded to criticism of her daughter by posting more inappropriate photos

So is Farrah, really a bad mom or is she just promoting a new film in her own cheeky fashion (Backdoor Teen Mom pun not intended)?

Why think this may be a case in which both answers are equally true.

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