Cathriona White Suicide Notes Revealed: Jim Carrey to Blame?!

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Jim Carrey is heartless.

The 2016 lawsuit that alleges he's partially - if not completely - responsible for the death of his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, just took a turn for the worse, as it's been revealed that White wrote Carrey multiple suicide notes in the past ... 

... But Carrey apparently ignored their implications.  

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TMZ released two new letters supporting White's ex-husband's, Mark Burton's, lawsuit for wrongful death, and be warned: they're hard to read. 

The outlet reported that White had written several notes throughout the duration of her relationship with Carrey, before she actually went and made good on the suicide threat (if one can actually make "good" on a suicide threat). 

The first came shortly after her father's 2012 death. 

The second, after she discovered that he'd purportedly given her multiple STDs

The last, and final, was the night that she killed herself, overdosing on pills that were prescribed to an alias belonging to Carrey. 

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White's first letter detailed her disdain for the world around her, and for herself, saying that she was "too messed up" for anyone to love. 

The second letter - perhaps the most damning of all - read to the effect that Carrey was responsible for her decision to end her life.

Not mincing words, it said "you pulled the trigger on me," and "your blood is on my hands." 

However, White didn't choose to kill herself at the time of that letter, which was a year after her first letter.  

The final suicide letter(s) read, "Jim, I thought we had chosen each other, family." 

"I believed it meant something," she continued, "and allowed myself to relax in your arms in the safety of being sure of one thing ... us." 

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"If everything went sideways," she wrote, "we had each other." 

"I can go on broken-hearted and put the pieces back, I could." 

"I just don't have the will this time," she said. 

In another letter, White wrote that she had a house full of belongings, and asked that Jim's "people" sell her belongings and give the proceeds to her family. 

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"Peace and love," she concluded the final letter, "to all your hearts." 

We'd say "sure," on that last bit, and what a "nice" way to end a suicide note. 

But as we said ... we're pretty sure Carrey doesn't have a heart, let alone multiple ones. 

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