Farrah Abraham Defends Controversial Photos of Daughter Sophia

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Earlier this year, a series of photos of Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, ignited a firestorm of controversy on social media. 

Sophia Abraham Modeling Pic

Many fans were shocked to learn that Sophia is trying to make it as a model at the tender age of 7 - with her mother's encouragement, of course.

Obviously, Farrah has never been one to back down from a controversy.

She's continued to post posed, professional photos of her heavily made-up daughter in hopes of attracting the attention of talent agencies.

With the kind of blind brazenness she's become well known for, Abraham made it clear that she won't allow critics - or the fact that the pics occasionally make no damn sense - to stop her:

Sophia Abraham Flower Crown Pic

If you figure out what Farrah's daughter in a flower crown has to do with a Martin Luther King quote about racial injustice, please drop us a line.

Anyway, Farrah took a short break from promoting the new season of Teen Mom: OG (premiering in August) and her upcoming appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker (tonight) to toss up a word salad about the modeling controversy:

"There's a lot of young children who do modeling, and everyone loves her pictures," she said.

"I think because we're on Teen Mom: OG, we get bad criticism, but Sophia's doing amazing in modeling, I couldn't be more proud of her."

"She's opening up her own children's boutique, we're selling clothing."

"So the more pictures and more she's in a positive light and happy with what she's doing, there's nothing wrong with embracing how awesome Sophia is." 

Not bad criticism! That's the worst kind!

As for the seemingly random pairing of Sophia and MLK, Farrah says there was some logic behind the Instagram post that seemed to baffle thousands:

"I'm not showing anything off," she told People

"I actually loved the image, I loved the Martin Luther King quote and I love inspiring people."

"I think everyone should can share whatever they wish when their heart is touched and they want to spread more positivity rather than segregation and separation in this world." 

Eh, sure.

If it helped her little girl feel like she was contributing something toward making the world a less frightening place, we suppose it's fine.

Besides, Farrah makes more sense talking about that than when she shares her thoughts on her daughter's "career":

"I think all of our children are little stars, and if they want to take pictures like everyone does, there's nothing to judge," she concluded.

"It's being inspired, it's being creative, it's being artsy."

"I'm thankful that she has that drive." 

Yes, Farrah admires her 7-year-old daughter's "drive."

This situation will really get interesting once Sophia surpasses her intellectually in a couple years.

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