Farrah Abraham Parenting Fails: A Brief History of WTF?!

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Farrah Abraham's parenting leaves much to be desired.

Like many aspects of her bizarre life, the only consistent factor in how Abraham raises Sophia is wild inconsistency and erratic behavior.

We don't even know where to begin ... actually we do.

Right at the genesis of Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant. It was all downhill from there, and it continues to get worse here in the mid-2010s.

Just when you'd think Farrah would be settling into a more mature period in her life, Sophia is growing up, and the exploitation is insane.

Here are many times she failed to bring her A-game.

1. When They Visited Derek's Grave (All Those Times)

When They Visited Derek's Grave (All Those Times)
Farrah Abraham frequently took Sophia to visit the grave of Derek Underwood, Sophia's father, at a very young age. This is nice on the surface, but critics say she has too frequently milked it for attention and continues to paper over facts surrounding her late boyfriend, who was killed in a car crash ... after they had broken up.

2. When She Gave Sophia Insane Cash From the Tooth Fairy

Farrah abraham sophia tooth

Loosing [sic] your teeth should be special, I like to add passion and something special to everything ... These years are flying bye [sic] and soon $600 won’t be surprising to my daughter and the tooth fairy will just be imaginary and made up. So $600 for one tooth is a great addition to her college fund and let’s [SIC] her have a big surprise. You’re only a kid once! - On giving her six-year-old $600 for a lost tooth

These years are flying bye, indeed.

3. When She Called Sophia Immature and Selfish

1. Sophia is six. 2. Pot, meet kettle.

4. When She Let Her Join Snapchat

When She Let Her Join Snapchat
For real. Again, the girl is seven, not seventeen.

5. When She Said This About Herself

Farrah abraham oh facing

No matter what I've been doing, I've been doing the best in it that we know of. What I'm saying by that is, if I'm developing novelty toys, I'm winning awards. If I'm writing books, I'm a New York Times bestseller … how do I do it all? I don't know.

A little humility never hurt. Just saying.

6. When She Said Sophia Can Fire Employees

When She Said Sophia Can Fire Employees
We're all about delegating in business, but that's taking it a little far. No humility.

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