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Chris Brown did not become the first artist to ever fall off a concert stage when performing in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

But he did become the most deserving!

The ill-tempered, woman-beating singer was dancing away at Drai’s Beach Club when he tumbled all the way down to the ground, as hilariously depicted here:

Chris Brown Falls Off Stage!

"He was just dancing on the stage, showing off, and accidentally fell," an onlooker told E! News. "Then security picked him right back up."

We can only hurt this accident caused as much pain to Brown as Brown caused to the face of Rihanna when he beat her bloody back in 2009.

Brown turned 26 years old on Monday and recently shared a cute picture of his daughter Royalty.

"Thx for making my bday a special.." Brown captioned an Instagram photo this week, adding:

"All my friends family etc.. #tauras season.. I have three special ladies celebrating this month. Mother’s Day for momma. May 17th miss you know who."

Chris Brown’s baby, meanwhile, turns a year old this month as well. The singer acknowledged this fact by hashtagging the heck out of the child.

"May 27 is my baby #Royalty be humble and learn that it doesn’t take effort to love!

"We create our own outcome and destiny in life. My paths has been a very blessed 26 years on this planet and I’m still learning.

"I can only be the best I can be. Sorry enough wit the rants! Love y’all! Thank god! I’m grateful and so thankful."