KardBlock App Makes the Kardashians Disappear

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Katy Perry claims the Kardashians are completely valid celebrities.

But James Shamsi disagrees strongly with the pop star.

The technology guru and developer has come out with KardBlock, a new App that deletes all mentions of this famous family from your Internet browsing experience.

Kardashian Sisters

“If there’s anything on your newsfeed, the website you’re on, whatever, we simply make it disappear,” Shamsi explained in a beta launch for the AdBlock program he created, adding:

“You won’t ever know the stories about the Kardashians are there, because you won’t ever see them.”

This is not a joke, people. This App truly does exist.

So while it may have been nice to read all about the Kim Kardashian sex tape at one point (okay, maybe not read about, per se), are you now one of the millions who would prefer to pretend as if these people didn't exist?

Do you not actually care about the latest racy Kylie Jenner picture on Instagram or the latest Kourtney Kardashian weight update?

Do you find Kardashian "news" more useless than a solar flashlight?

We're right there with you. And, thankfully, so are geniuses such as James Shamsi.

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