Chris Brown Baby Name: Revealed! Ridiculous!

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We now live in a world in which Chris Brown is a father

It's a scary prospect, given the man's long history of irresponsibility and horrible decision-making, but who knows? Maybe he's turned over a new leaf.

Maybe the 25-year-old R&B star will settle down, get his act together, be there for his new family, and not name the kid something ridiculous and awful.

Just kidding, it's too late for that last part...

Chris Brown at Grammy Awards 2015
Nia, Chris Brown's Baby Photo

Yesterday we saw the first photo of Chris Brown's baby with mother Nia Amey, and now we know what's written on the little girl's birth certificate.

Brace yourself - it's pretty ridiculous: TMZ is reporting that Brown's daughter, born last year but not revealed until this week, is named ... Royalty.

Yes, Royalty.

We don't know her last name, or if Brown had a role in choosing her regal moniker, but it certainly sounds like the sort of name he would saddle a little girl with.

If you want to take a glass half full attitude, we're a little surprised that Chris didn't go with something even douchier, like Lil Breezy or something.

But we're not as surprised as, say, Chris' longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who was blindsided by the birth announcement as much as we were.

That had to be quite the emotional rollercoaster:

  • First Karrueche found out Chris fathered a baby girl.
  • (From TMZ, nine months after the birth occurred.)
  • Then she found out the baby mama was a friend of hers.
  • Then she found out they named the kid Royalty.

A tough sequence of pills to swallow for sure. At that point, Tran was probably like, "Actually, I'm okay with not having either of those D-bags in my life."

Then again, with Karrueche's history, she and Chris will probably be back on good terms and posting PDA-packed Instagram pictures before too long.

The bigger question: Where does Royalty rank among the most ridiculous celebrity baby names of all time? Click through THG's Hall of Fame and decide:

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