20 Times Singers Have Fallen on Stage: HA!

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Think it's easy to sing in concert? Sometimes, even the best musicians take a tumble.

1. Iggy Azalea Falls Off the Stage

Iggy Azalea suffered an epic fall from the stage on Friday night ... and the video is pretty insane as you can see here.

2. Luke Bryan Falls from Stage

OUCH! Luke Bryan is having a fun time in this concert video. Until he falls off the stage, that is.

3. Drake Falls on Stage

Poor Drake. Rihanna's sometimes-BF took a spill, performing against doctors orders with a torn ACL. Ouch.

4. Rihanna Falls on Stage

Rihanna takes a spill onstage. These things happen sometimes but she is going to be totally alright.

5. Carrie Underwood Falls on Stage

Carrie Underwood took a major spill on stage in concert the other night. Check it out.

6. Louis Tomlinson Falls on Stage

Louis Tomlinson takes a tumble in this video. He falls pretty hard during a One Direction concert.

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