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Michelle Duggar has come out and admitted that she suffered from bulimia as a teenager.

The revelation about this reality star is actually shared in a book by her daughters - "Growing Up Duggar " - which comes out March 4 and which initially disguises their mother's struggles belonging to someone named "Marie."

"On the outside, Marie had what everyone else wanted, but on the inside, she felt sad and empty," Jane, Jill, Jessa and Jinger write, adding:

"She began to envy the girl who tried to control her weight through what turned out to be a destructive eating disorder. Not realizing how dangerous it was, Marie thought it might work for her, and soon her obsession to stay thin started controlling her life."

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Despite major health complications in recent years, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are still trying for their 20th child together, a new report indicates.

Michelle confirmed that the TLC couple, who viewers saw celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary on last night's 19 Kids and Counting, is TTC.

As in trying to conceive.

While hoping that they'll be blessed with another pregnancy, they're simply "enjoying their grandbabies" and are "thankful and grateful" for their other 19 kids.

Michelle Duggar, for the record, is 47 and has been married to Jim Bob for 29 years, meaning she's pretty much been pregnant for their whole relationship. (And she also makes a mean Duggars tater tot casserole recipe!)

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Michelle Duggar weighed in on the Texas legislature’s debate on a law that seek to restrict abortion in the state, calling the procedure a “baby holocaust.”

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The conservative Christian star of the hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting told a pro-life crowd in Austin that she is against abortion, to put it mildly.

Flanked by son Josh Duggar of the Family Research Council, she likened abortion to Hitler’s attempted eradication of the Jews in World War II.

"Baby holocaust" or not, the issue is being more hotly debated than ever thanks to a controversial Texas abortion bill that would severely limit its practice.

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