Jim Bob Duggar: Does He Really Hate Ben Seewald?

Jim Bob Duggar: Does He Really Hate Ben Seewald?

Given the ultra-strict, ultra-conservative nature of their upbringing, it's no surprise that several of Jim Bob Duggars' children have chosen to forge their own paths in adulthood.

The most famously rebellious Duggar is Jinger, who chose to marry a man her father wasn't crazy about, move out of state, and flout the infamous Duggar dress code by wearing pants.

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Duggars Dragged For Being "Nuts" About Religion in Honduras

Duggars Arrive in Honduras, Get Dragged for Being "Nuts"

Earlier this week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar touched down in Central America, eager to spread the word of Jesus around town.

But while that may remain their goal, many users of the Internet have responded to Instagram photos of the couple in Honduras with a few words of their own.

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