Ed Swiderski to Lindsey Johnson: I'm Going to Molest You When I Get Home!

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Reports have suggested for a week-plus that The Bachelorette winner Ed Swiderski was sleeping with and sending racy text messages and emails to two different women while romancing Jillian Harris, who he proposed to on the season finale.

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    i can't belive ed would do that he is a three timer well i want jullian to be with reid


    I'm really beginning to think Ed is playing around. If I was Jill I would not want any part of it. Now if they do call it off she probably will go after Kyptin or Reed. I still want Jake to be the next bachlor


    DUH! If Reid would have "manned-up" and said, "I love you" FIRST instead of beating around the bush (no pun intended) then he would be sitting in the driver's seat right now. Jillian make NO secret of her final goal - to get a proposal, marry the guy and have kids, ASAP. Ed was just "smart" enough to know what would win him the big prize! If she is what you'd calla prize. Look, Tammy Wynette stood by her man and look where that go her!


    I am still heart broken that she did not choose Reid. Jillian, wake up and smell the coffee, Reid is the One.


    Remember ed is young an hes prob not into being with one women hes gonna play the feild lots of beautiful women out there ,,why would a canadian girl wanna marry a american stay with the good ol canadian boys


    There are many Eds out there. My heart goes out to Lindsey. She devoted over a year to him, and he led her to believe that he was going to marry her before 2009. Reid was my personal favorite. I think that he was there for the right reasons. Ed seems shady. Even if what his exes claim is embellished, he just doesn't seem sincere. It is possible that he fell in love with Jillian, or maybe it is the idea of winning and being flown to some really neat countries that kept him intrigued, and in the game. I hope that he will change his ways for Jillian's sake. Very few players can settle down and mend their ways.


    Jillian looks so desperate by staying with this lying, dirtball. She is going to be the laughing stock if she doesn't come to her senses and dump him. JILL, HE IS A LIAR!!


    Now I get why he couldn't 'perform' in the fantasy suite...his mind was definitely on other things besides Jillian...


    This is Lindseys FB friend on page 10 of her friends - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1263637453#/profile.php?id=1654443820


    Well Ed probably didn't tell Lindsay he got engaged. Remember... the engagement episode didn't air until months later, and Ed and Jillian weren't allowed to be together until it did. So it definitely is possible that he was getting some in the meantime!

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