Ed Swiderski: Still Texting Bethany Steffen?

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Jillian Harris is engaged to Ed Swiderski after giving him the final rose on a teary, fairly uncontroversial finale of The Bachelorette. That means the rumors of Ed having a Chicago girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) the whole time were bogus, right?

Not according to Radar Online, which reports that even during filming, Ed Swiderski was texting and emailing Bethany Steffen, his very recent ex-girlfriend.

“He broke off his relationship with Bethany a week before shooting The Bachelorette but soon resumed contact with her via texts and emails,” a source said.

Another source says the texts were "more than platonic," and "sexy."

After The Bachelorette shooting concluded and Ed had secretly won the final rose from Jillian he was still sexting (yes, sex texting) Bethany Steffen.

Jillian Harris' fiance Ed Swiderski is still dogged by rumors.

“When the episode aired showing Ed as the winner and he and Jillian agreeing to marry, Bethany was stunned,” one of the sources said. “Ed’s sexy texts to Bethany certainly aren’t of the kind a happily engaged man should be sending.”

While fellow hopeful Wes Hayden was portrayed as two-timing Jillian Harris (the show even outed his alleged girlfriend Laurel Kagay), rumors later surfaced that eventual winner Ed also had a girlfriend who he was involved with until late 2008.

Ed Swiderski rebounded into an intense four-month-long affair with Bethany Steffen before leaving for L.A. to film The Bachelorette with Jillian Harris.

He broke off communication with Bethany before the show, effectively dumping her (just forgetting to inform her of that). But then he resumed contact.

Who knows if any of this is actually true, but Jillian is planning to move to her fiance's hometown of Chicago on September 1, and get married in 2010.

Will Jillian and Ed last?


She should have picked Kiptyn Locke. Reid Rosenthal should have been in the top 2.


Bethany had a bad reputation in Chicago, even prior to this "scandalous news" she reported. I'm not suprised that she was involved in this kind of scandal. From what I've known of her, she is not the classiest girl. She has actually been guilty of similar behavior herself...


To the ThePeacock
Are you seriously making fun of handicap people, now that is definatly a new low!Shame on you!


I feel so bad for all three of these lovely ladies (especially Bethany). Has anyone ever noticed how Ed talks like he's part retard? Seriously, every word is elongated like he should be riding the short bus. How does one hide their diaper in their mankini?


I think he is lying, why would you apply (yes there is a casting process) to be in a reality show in which you are looking for your wife to be when you are already in a relationship, I mean according to all of this he broke up with his ex only a week before the show starting shooting.


This is garbage, The tabloid media is ridiculous. I dont believe a word. People read the end of the story where it says "who knows if any of this is true" which tells me I could call and tell them I am his WIFE and they would put it on TV, they make me sick! And yes you can fall in love anywhere and anytime if it is meant to be. I hope Ed and Jill dont let these creep get to them.


Proof again that you never really know anyone in a short period of time. I have always heard that what you see in three months is what you get. When Ed left the show, that was a HUGE waving flag. He knew what this journey entailed. Maybe Ed temporarily left the show because of his "ex-girlfriend" and used his job as an excuse. The biggest mistake people make in the beginning of a relationship is ignoring the flags. Obviously Jillian hasn't mastered this skill.


To Overrated: Let's not forget the time that Ed was away from the show for "work", maybe it was during that time he took advantage of his time texting and emailing Bethany. Ah Ha! And to Disgusted: (which you misspelled by the way): Why should Bethany feel humilitated? She's not the one texting and emailing her ex. It's more like Ed is stalking her! We have no idea how she even feels about Ed, maybe she justs wants him to exposed for the dog that he is!


No, their relationship is bullshit. How can you actually fall in love on a show? It's "Magical" because it's not real. Always traveling to exotic places, doing fun things. Also for the guy it's a competition so it makes it more interesting. Once they go in to the real world he will start looking at other chicks. Also the whole "wow factor" will go along with it.


Aren't they cut off from outside communication? No phones no computer the entire time? This doesn't seem believable at all.

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