Jillian Harris: Still with Ed Swiderski ... For Now

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Despite rumors of Ed Swiderski's rampant infidelity and deception, The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris is still standing by her final rose recipient.

For now.

Rumors speculated that the two might be on the verge of breaking up after she told a newspaper about a tear-filled conversation with her father re: Ed's alleged womanizing. The two then cancelled dinner plans in Las Vegas abruptly.

But Ed Swiderski somehow climbed back into her good graces, and the two made a surprise showing at the Palazzo's LAVO restaurant after all - three hours late.

"They just showed up," a source said. "They were clearly putting on a united front. They had their arms together. She looked like she was really in love with him."

"They drank wine while deciding what to have. They looked comfortable with each other. She's beautiful in person, even better than what you see on TV."

Happy Jillian

Jillian Harris has not been all smiles these days.

Swiderski's affections were suspect and his casual glances at other women did not seem as innocent given the allegations against him by two ex-girlfriends.

Lindsey Johnson claims Ed led her on - and even had sex with her eight days after he got engaged to Jillian. That's not exactly a smooth move if it's true.

Another girl, Bethany Steffen, says Ed also dated her, and sent "sext" messages to her throughout and following his tenure on The Bachelorette this spring.

Harris admitted crying on the phone with her dad regarding the stories of Ed Swiderski's possible cheating ways. But according to The Province newspaper, she maintained the couple was brushing off the controversy and moving forward.

"I am not affected by this," she said. "We really plan on trying to get out of the limelight and trying to get on with our lives. It's been a hard couple of days but it only made us stronger and it's only made us communicate with each other more."

Will Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski last?


Gillian, you are really nice and you and Ed are cute together but i really hoped you chose Kipton because he was hot and you were always always ALWAYS so happy to see him.
So don't listen to all those nasty, bitchy comments from those desperate people. mmmhmmmm ...
so yeh!
xxx love from hayleeeee;;


It's unfortunate that people can't just be happy for other people's happiness. Our society is truly messed when you see people trying to sabotage someone else's happiness. Jimi Hendrix's expression: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" rings true... it's too bad we can't get to the peace stage or accepting someone else's.


Jillian, you are truly a beautiful person. Ed does not deserve you. My only advice to you is dump ED! It's not too late. He is totally wrong for you. Reid was the right choice all along. No doubt about that. Think about this: If Ed is innocent, where are his supporters? For these girls to go public, there's some truth to their stories. Listen before it's too late.


Jillian I think you are bipolar like your mom and so emotional and desperate to get married. Ed is a jerk but I am beginning to think you two are alike and belong together. I really dont care to see u guys on tv any longer. I am sick of the two of you.


How on earth does she pick out such clunkers? She even has two former girlfriends of his warning her about him...sigh.


Ed did not let Lindsey know that he proposed to Jillian when he slept with Lindsey. He told her that she would have to watch the show to find out the ending. Do you honestly think that she would have slept with him if she knew he proposed to Jillian and Jillian accepted? Ed still had feelings for Lindsey and Bethany, but was not in love with them anymore. He let his libido take over his brain. At first, he may not have been into Jillian, but I believe that his feelings grew, and he wants to make things work. He may have cheated, but that doesn't mean he will again. People can change. Let's not be so judgmental. Lindsey and Bethany feel deceived, and are hurt. We all know the expression, "Misery Loves Company." I would like to see another success story. I guess that I am a hopeless romantic. My favorite was Reid, but Ed might turn out to be the best fit in the end.


Well, if Ed DID have sex with one of these girls AFTER he proposed to Jillian, then she really needs to dump his a$$. But where is the proof that he did that? It seems to me like the 2 exes are bitter that Ed found happiness and they are just trying to bring him down. If one of these girls slept with Ed after he became engaged, then she is a skank and I don't trust anything skanky women say. I say leave Jillian and Ed alone and let them see if they can make this relationship work.


Shame on the writer of this article. Lazy journalizm at its best! No work done, just feed of untrue articles, and come up with a story. Not all readers are fools. We see through Lazy writers. No fact, no verification , just write something right? Very SAD!


Urggh if you're gonna be desperate enough to search for a husband on national TV,make sure you pick one who's not pig-ugly!


Jillian, I really like you . You are a sincere and compassionate person. I now think Ed was the wrong choice and that Kipton just made have been the one made for you for life. I had reservations when the BB player said he cheated in the game of basketball. How do you do that?

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