Ed Swiderski Slept with Lindsey Johnson After He Got Engaged to Jillian Harris, Bethany Steffen Says

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The date was June 4.

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    I've known Lindsey since she was 13-14 years old... always a classy girl... stellar, phenomenal person. It's a shame stuff worked out this way, but she's not the dirty, cheap, no good slut, you people want to think she is. It's a shame, plain and simple :(


    that Lindsey Johnson, is a lying bitch.
    She feels "gross, used and completely violated." She clearly knew they were together, and she still slept with him.
    Thats an attention whore if i ever heard of one. And a hardcore slut. So she had better shut her big mouth before her words turn around to bite her in the ass.

    Thanks kbye


    Given what these other 2 girls look like (Bethany and Lindsey), it does not surprise me that Ed returned to the show. Jillian is a lot better looking than the 2 of them put together and she also seems to have a much softer personality. If Ed is smart, he'll stay faithful to her. If not, he'll have to settle for someone else who may not be half as nice.


    Ok so Lindsey wants people to think she is a stellar person right maybe people should check out this FB friend of hers, its on page 10 of her friends


    Sleeping with an ex after dating someone new for two weeks isn't that wrong - especially considering the new person that you're dating is involved with 11 others. Ed's insecurity got the best of him - during the show and after the show. It seemed the chemistry between Ed and Jillian on the show was genuine. The question Ed needs to answer to Jillian and to his exes is the true reason for his proposal. For show or for feelings?


    I am from the town Lindsey grew up in and her mom was at the local country club the other dy talking about it. SHe said that they were dating but it really sounds likehe left her to go on the show and that she's just bitter that she didnt get the proposal but Jillian did. Even if it was true why would you let the entire country in on the fact that you were that dumb to fall for it. Pathetic. I really hope Ed and Jillian work itout.


    The way I look at it is that maybe Jillian does not care that Ed cheated cause she was with other guys on the show. When asked on regis and kelly how many guys she slept with on the show, she refused to answer but was happy to say she kissed 10 guys!


    I don't think this is true 100%! I do think he knew who these ladies were and maybe dated them @ some point. It may even be right before the show and during, but I don't think he cheated on her... I don't know Ed personally, but what I have seen he is a so real guy and Julian best pick. I think these girls are jealous for him not wanting them and they wanted their ten min of fame.. Its a shame that people can't live a normal life without someone trying to ruin it. Let them be happy. They are truly perfect for each other!


    Yeah, what she said !!!!


    I admire these ladies for giving Jillian the heads up. If she wants to go ahead and marry someone she met on a TV SHOW, she's forewarned. I think she's crazy, frankly.

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