Lindsey Johnson to Jillian Harris: Watch Your Back!

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The woman Ed Swiderski slept with after getting engaged to The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris says she sympathizes, but and fears he'll "play" her as well.

"I feel terrible," Lindsey Johnson told Us Weekly, which first reported that Ed not only slept with her after popping the question to Jillian, but was "sexting" another woman, Bethany Steffen, after he and The Bachelorette star got engaged.

"As Bethany said, Ed has a way with words," Johnson said. "This is what he did to us!"

Lindsey Johnson says she spoke to Ed Swiderski - whom she'd been dating for a year - the Saturday night before the July 27 season finale of The Bachelorette.

She informed Ed that she was going to tell her side of the story.

"He said, 'Lindsey, please do if it's going to make you feel better to get your side out,'" Johnson says. But later that day he changed his mind, and texted her that "I think you should just talk to me if you have any questions."

They haven't communicated since an August 1 text message in which Swiderski wrote "I thought you were over this?" Lindsey Johnson did not write back.

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Will Jillian Harris heed the words of Lindsey Johnson (center) and Bethany Steffen?

Now that Swiderski has denied their relationship (he and Harris say they are "targeted" because they're "happy"), Johnson says she's "disappointed" in Ed.

"If he can live with what he said on his conscience, that's his problem. He knows the truth, I know the truth and our friends know the truth," Johnson says.

"He doesn't have to deny it on national TV, but he doesn't have to confess everything either. He could have taken a middle road and said something truthful."

According to Lindsey Johnson, Ed Swiderski and Jillian Harris "will stay together to prove that they are the one happy couple to make it." But, well ...

"That's what Bethany and I both did when we were dating him despite what people were saying about him to us," Johnson recalls. "There were so many signs. Even his friends used to say to me all the time, 'Lindsey, he does not deserve you."

"And I would ask, 'Why would you say that? Ed is one of your best friends, and he is a great guy.' But they would never tell me why. Now I know!"

What do you think? Will Jillian and Ed last?


Lets just say Ed really did sleep with these girls. Jillian was sleeping and kissing all kinds of guys too. Maybe he was trying to decide for himself if he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She was doing the same thing. In the end, they both figured it out. Jillian can't blame him because they both signed up for this and they were both doing the same thing.


its sad to see how far women will go to get back at someone that was never "theirs" to begin with....its obvious jill and ed fell in love and want to be together, the past is the past, leave it where it should be and move on ....and grow up !!!!


Lindsey and Bethany should be so ashamed of themselves - I mean starting up these rumours, how jelous can they be???? I hope they don't ruin what Jill and Ed have... They should grow up and leave the two alone, damn reporters, they don't help. I wonder how much money the two girls were paid.....Yet they still continued to sleep with the guy... Just let them live their lives !!!!!


I think Ed is very handsome and sexy. I think he and Julian make a very good looking couple. I hope it last. Ruby

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