Bridget Marquardt Chooses Team Reality TV Over Team Jon Gosselin

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In case you haven't heard, Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce.

The former has gone on to date every female with a pulse, though he claims he's always been with 22-year old Hailey Glassman.

Who is to blame for the dissolution of this marriage and Jon's subsequent actions? Not the medium of reality TV, says Bridget Marquardt.

"I personally don't think it necessarily had to do with the reality show," she told E! News over the weekend. "I think he was unhappy with his marriage and the situation to begin with... I think [reality TV] definitely is a stress-factor in a relationship, but I don't think it breaks it up. I think there have to be underlying problems."

Like Jon's extreme douchebaggery.

Bridget Marquardt in a Bikini

As for her relationship with Nick Carpenter, Bridget said they might test the reality show waters one of these days.

"We've talked about the possibility of doing a spin-off show similar to what Kendra [Wilkinson] is doing," the busty blonde said. "We'll see."

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