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Courtenay Semel might be back together with Tila Tequila.

But she’s definitely in need of attention.

The daughter of a former Yahoo! CEO, Semel is the poor woman’s Kim Kardashian: she’s famous for being rich, but not nearly on the A-list level of her sex tape-starring friend.

While Kim makes headlines for looking good in a bikini and seriously dating an NFL star, Semel must pretend she’s a lesbian and appear in public with Tequila every now and then just to stay relevant.

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Expect this talentless pair to be spotted again one of these days, as Courtenay relayed the following inspirational quote to her Facebook friends today:

How very true and profound.

As the all-knowing Gossip Girl so perfectly states above, fate can work in mysterious ways. Sometimes it brings a pair of fake bisexuals together in the name of publicity; other times it causes reporters to realize no one cares about this couple.

Without any acting gigs, albums or ounces of talent, expect Courtenay Semel and Tila Tequila to continue to kiss whenever a camera is around.