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It’s that time again, friends!

A brand new season of Teen Mom OG has just begun, and the coming weeks will be filled with episode after episode of just piles and piles of drama.

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How do we know that?

Well, one, it’s Teen Mom — drama is kind of the whole point.

And two, MTV just released a brand new trailer for the season, so we have a better idea of what we can be expecting.

And friends … it’s going to get messy.

Amber on TMOG

The trailer kicks off with some cuteness — a clip over at the Baltierra home with baby Vaeda hitting her big sister in the cutest way possible, and Ryder cruising off on a scooter.

But they don’t waste any time getting to the good stuff.

After Ryder scoots away, we see Cory tell Cheyenne that he and his girlfriend are expecting a child of their own.

And although Cheyenne has been extremely supportive on social media, she doesn’t seem super pleased upon hearing the news.

And Cheyenne?

In another scene — maybe about the pregnancy, maybe not — she holds her head in her hands and says "Oh my god!", so we’ll have to see how that turns out!

Down in Chattanooga, Maci is spending some time with a friend and talking abour Ryan.

The friend asks her how Ryan looked (we imagine they did a drop-off or there was some kind of event for Bentley), and she answers "In my opinion, he was 100% not sober."

Remember, Ryan was addicted to heroin, and we guess according to Maci, he still may have a problem.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)

Sad, right?

And speaking of Ryan, the next clip we see is of him yelling at his parents while Mackenzie (Standifer, Mac McKee comes later) stands by.

"I’m tired of you getting on my ass because I have an order of protection against me with them," he screams.

It’s honestly probably the most animated we’ve ever seen him.


You’ll never believe what comes next — it’s Amber crying on a couch!

"Honestly when I heard those audios I was ashamed," she told Gary, who didn’t seem super sympathetic.

Which is fair — remember how awful those audios were?

Amber was out of her mind, threatening to kill Andrew and calling him all sorts of horrible names and bragging about punching him in the face.

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She should be ashamed.

Next, Andrew confides in a producer, telling him "I never wanted a broken family."

As if starting a family with Amber Portwood could have ever had a different outcome.

Over in Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler are, once again, talking about having another baby — and Tyler only has one thing on his mind.

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"I just want a boy," he complained, and so Cate looked up some info about gender selection.

She read that it would costs approximately $18,000 to guarantee their next child would be the boy that he’s so desperately wanted, and as she tells him, "I ain’t paying 20 grand for a kid."

Tyler looks frustrated, but we don’t hear his thoughts on the matter because the trailer cuts quickly (and tragically) to Mackenzie McKee having a talk with her mother.

"How bad is this?" she asks Angie, who admits that things are "pretty bad."

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They were, of course, talking about Angie’s cancer, and since this scene was filmed several months ago, we know just how bad it was.

Angie passed away in December.

This was touched on in the trailer, too — we see Mackenzie crying as her husband holds her, and we hear her say "After losing her, I will never be the same. Something bad is gonna happen."

From then on out, we just see some quick little bits of drama — Cheyenne scolds Cory for not showing up to something she planned, Maci tells Taylor that something is "going to be a catastrophe."

Maci DeShane Bookout McKinney

Tyler tells Cate that he things she’s "just afraid of failing," and we’re actually not sure what that could be about, which is rare these days for this show.

And to wrap things up, there’s some footage of the film crew scrambling around in a panic as an ambulance arrives, because apparently "Amber just fainted."

Seems like it’s going to be a fun season, right?

You can watch the trailer in its entirety below: