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Last fall, Cory Wharton announced that he’s expecting a child with Taylor Swlfridge. He of course already has a child with Cheyenne Floyd.

Now, fans are worried, because Cory has announced that he has no plans to vaccinate is new baby.

Cory Wharton and GF Are Still Having a Kid

On Tuesday, January 21, Cory Wharton took to Instagram Live, where he answered some fan questions.

As he read one particular question aloud and then gave his one word answer, chills ran down the collective spines of his followers.

"Will you vaccinate? Nope!" Cory cavalierly read aloud.

Well, that’s horrifying — and fans were quick to take to social media to make that clear.

Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton

"#TeenMomOG dad #CoryWharton has no plans to vaccinate his baby," one Twitter denizen announced.

That tweet continued: "despite the fact that his eldest daughter Ryder has an extremely fragile immune system."

"Do you think #CheyenneFloyd is on board with this?” the tweet asked.

Ryder has VCLAD deficiency, which can flare up dangerously if Ryder becomes ill.

Cory With Ryder

“Cory won’t vaccinate," another tweet reads, "but will take advantage of modern medicine the next time Ryder is in hospital!!"

"[You] can’t pick and choose when you [want to] lone modern med," the Twitter user pointed out, arguing that Cory is a hypocrite.

That is a very good point. Plenty of people are happy to receive life-saving surgery, yet read some conspiracy nut’s forum post and balk at vaccines.

It’s always interesting to see when people are selective about when people choose to "doubt" established science.

Taylor Selfridge and Cory

VLCAD is a congenital conditon — that is, Ryder was born with it — that creates chronic problems for sweet little Ryder.

Ryder’s body cannot properly breakdown certain types of fats, which are called very long-chain fatty acids, to convert them into energy.

This becomes especially challenging during periods of time without food. So Ryder should not engage in fasting.

Two other huge problems for children and adults with VLCAD are exercise and illness.

Cory Wharton Models

So fans are worried because it appears that Cory is fully prepared to endanger his new child, Ryder, and countless other children.

Some are sure to decide that this is Taylor’s influence, but there’s no reason to believe that at present. 

Cory is the one who said "no." Maybe he’ll eventually shed more light on why he thinks that he knows better than the entire medical community.

But if he and Taylor plan to go thorugh with medically neglecting their child in this manner, it’s probably because they read some fear-mongering article by a fraud.

The Hollywood Gossip

So what can fans do? About Cory and Taylor and their unborn plague-bearer? Nothing directly.

However, in addition to pushing for better education in schools so that children learn how to spot misinformation campaigns, there’s one course of action.

Worried fans can write to their elected representatives to push to take the choice out of the hands of gullible, reckless parents.

Only children who medically cannot be vaccinated — due to compromised immunity or allergy or a similar cause — should be allowed to opt out.

In the mean time, children at risk are being exposed to Measles, the most contagious disease known to humanity, thanks to yahoos like Cory.