Ryan Edwards: Refusing Rehab, "In Denial" About Heroin Addiction

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Earlier this week, Ryan Edwards was released from jail after being arrested for yet another probation violation.

Ever since Edwards was arrested for heroin possession last year, he's been stuck in a seemingly endless downward spiral of legal troubles and other misfortunes.

But remarkably, Ryan apparently doesn't see things that way.

In fact, sources close to the situation say the troubled Teen Mom OG star is totally in denial about his addiction.

Jump into the gallery below to see what Edwards has to say about his growing problem.



1. Free At Last

Free At Last
Edwards was released from jail this week after being arrested for the third time in less than two years.

2. A Lucky Break

A Lucky Break
He was originally supposed to remain in police custody until his August 6 court date but was unexpectedly permitted to go free on Tuesday morning.

3. What Now?

What Now?
Edwards keeps discovering new rock bottoms, and insiders say his family fears for his life.

4. They Tried to Make Him Go to Rehab...

They Tried to Make Him Go to Rehab...
Ryan's wife, Mackenzie Standifer, and parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, have reportedly done everything in their power to convince him to seek treatment.

5. He Said No, No, No

He Said No, No, No
Unfortunately, Edwards has been resistant to the idea and is reportedly in complete denial about the severity of his addiction.

6. No Plans

No Plans
“There are no plans for him to go to rehab,” a source tells Us Weekly. Not surprisingly, those closest to Edwards are deeply concerned about his stubbornness...

7. Deep Denial

Deep Denial
One insider claims that Edwards is “in complete denial” about his substance abuse issues, adding, “[He] refuses to go to rehab and get help.”

8. Briefly Sober

Briefly Sober
The source says that Ryan forcibly detoxed while he was behind bars, and his family had hoped to keep that momentum going after his release.

9. Happy to Be Free

Happy to Be Free
“[He] is happy to be out of jail. Obviously, he was sober while he was in jail. Mackenzie is sticking with him," the insider says.

10. Standifer By Her Man

Standifer By Her Man
Yes, Mackenzie -- who is currently seven months pregnant with Ryan's baby -- is reportedly standing by Ryan despite his refusal to seek treatment.

11. Enabling Much?

Enabling Much?
Standifer has taken a good deal of criticism over the years for allegedly enabling Ryan's destructive behavior.

12. The Original Rock Bottom

The Original Rock Bottom
The first such incident occurred when Edwards lost consciousness while driving to his own wedding, and Mackenzie did not try to force him to pull over.

13. An Offer to Help

An Offer to Help
Even though Ryan and Mackenzie have been fired by MTV, network execs have reportedly offered to pay for Ryan's rehab expenses.

14. Another Second Chance

Another Second Chance
“MTV has made it clear to both Mackenzie and Ryan that should he decide to seek treatment, they will make it happen,” says the source.

15. Zero Interest

Zero Interest
Unfortunately, those close to the situation say Edwards does not appear to be even slightly interested in MTV's offer.

16. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Edwards reportedly has every intention of getting sober before his second son is born in October, and he apparently feels he can do it without any help.

17. More Trouble

More Trouble
Ryan was released with probation and a suspended sentence after his latest stint in jail, but he's not out of the woods yet ...

18. A Shaky Future

A Shaky Future
Edwards is due back on August 6, and it's possible he could still do jail time for his latest probation violation.

19. The Mercy of the Court

The Mercy of the Court
Even though he's refused to seek treatment, Edwards is reportedly hoping that the judge will go easy on him due to the fact that he's expecting a child. Good luck with that, Ryan ...

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