Catelynn Lowell Confirms: I Still Have One Kid in Me!

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra aren't done just yet.

Not with reality TV, and not with having kids, either.

Catelynn and Tyler and Family

In a new interview wiith Hollywood Life, Catelynnn made it very clear that the couple plans to conceive a fourth child at some point in the relative near future.

For the record, Catelynn and Tyler welcomed a girl named Carly when they were teenagers and then gave her up for adoption.

They are also parents to a five-year old named Novalee and a one-year old named Vaeda.

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, Nova and Vaeda

“There are plans for more kids," Lowell told the aforementioned celebrity news site this week, adding in more detail:

"I mean, not right at this moment because Vaeda just turned a year old.

"So, we’re going to wait a little bit longer and then eventually have one more and then we’ll be completely done."

"We will be done."

Catelynn and Tyler and Vaeda

This isn't the first time Catelynn has made such a proclamation. She and Tyler have always said they want a large family.

“My baby fever is insane!” Catelynn even said just last month to People, to which Baltierra concurred as follows:

“We’re not done yet. We just love being parents too much.”

Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra

One of the reasons Catelynn and Tyler feel so passionately about their family is that their relationship is stronger than ever.

Need evidence of this stability?

You'll get it on the new season of Teen Mom OG, which will feature the couple renewing their vows during a trip to Hawaii.

Tyler, In All the Tears

"It was my idea to surprise Tyler," Catelynn now says of this romantic ceremony. "For our honeymoon we spent it in Hawaii.

"Then obviously everybody saw the year that we had prior with the separation and us working on our relationship."

It's true.

Vow Renewal

Back in 2018, Tyler asked for and was granted a 30-day separation from his wife, a decision that rocked Teen Mom Nation.

He emphasized that he never planned to file for divorce.

Baltierra says he just needed a break from the stress of a miscarriage and Catelynn's mental health struggles and other issues.

Tyler as a Groom... Again

Eyebrow-raising as that explanation seemed, they say it did the job.

"We came out on the other side obviously and are doing really good," Catelynn said this week of that experience, adding of the vow renewal:

"It was more of a recommitment ceremony, even though obviously we’re already committed to each other, but letting go of the past and moving forward on a fresh start."

Catelynn and Tyler’s current journey will be a huge part of the new season of Teen Mom OG, which premieres on MTV on Tuesday, March 17.

Lowell openly admits the pair attended a greal deal of therapy and that she's learned to communicate with her husband better than ever before.

Marriage takes work, people.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Cry

Lowell told the celebrity gossip site:

"There’s always going to be bumps in the road with any relationship, whether it’s your husband or wife or friendships or any relationship."

“There’s always going to be things that you have to go through."

"I think with being married and that relationship, yeah, it’s choosing to work on it even when it gets hard because it’s possible."

Putting in the work, even when it gets hard.

Sticking by each other at our worst, so we can share with them the experiences and times in which we're at our best.

That's what relationships are all about, in the end. No wonder Catelynn's and Tyler's has stood the test of time.

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