90 Day Fiance Sneak Peek: Is Lisa Hamme Trying RUIN the Career of Usman Umar?

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Ever since the trailer for Before The 90 Days, we have all known that Lisa Hamme has jealousy issues when it comes to Usman Umar.

In this sneak peek, her insecurities are interfering with his music career, and his friend tries to ask: is she sabotaging him on purpose?

Usman Umar Smiles

"I don't know much about Lisa," Usman's friend, Abba S-Boy, admits.

"But," he says, "Usman told me she is a very jealous person."

"And," Abba continues, "she's trying to, like, fight off his female fans."

"Female fans are very, very useful," he points out, "so it's actually not good."

Abba S-Boy

It's clearly been planned that they would discuss a sore subject at this sit-down.

Usman brings up his music video, one of a song that he recorded for his "Baby Girl," Lisa.

As 90 Day Fiance fans will recall, Usman is an up and coming musician, going by the name SojaBoy.

Lisa saw the video and was so furious that Usman was forced to make drastic, damaging cuts.

usman umar, lisa hamme, abba s-boy

The problem with the video, apparently, was that he had a model in the video.

You know like how almost every music video for a love song in history has at least one or more models in addition to the lead singer?

Lisa was peeved because, in the video, Usman was singing to a woman who wasn't her.

Intellectually, she may know that it was just a symbolic acting gig. But her jealous heart can't accept that.

Lisa Hamme Explains

"I did not like it," Lisa states adamantly in this sneak peek clip.

"It took away from the concept of the song," she claims, like she's a music video critic all of the sudden.

"The concept of the song is that I'm 7,000 miles away," she points out. "The song is about me and him."

Lisa furiously opines: "The model should not have been in the video."

90 day fiance before: lisa kisses usman

Abba points out the absurdity of this, asking Lisa if music videos in the US eschew the use of any models.

"Uh, yes," Lisa claims.

This does happen, but ... rarely. Usually, only huge singers or extremely low-budget musicians film without any models involved.

Abba both accurately and poetically compares this to being "like tea without sugar." So, hot leafy water.

Abba S-Boy to Lisa Hamme you're causing a lot of trouble here

Abba, who absolutely deserves to show up way more on this show, then asks Lisa a very serious question.

"Like," he begins, "are you trying to destroy his music career?"

What follows is an awkward silence as Lisa looks back at Abba with obvious unhappiness.

You know that look when a guy's girlfriend suddenly considers you to be an obstacle? That's the look that she's giving Usman's friend.

Abba S-Boy to Lisa Hamme are you trying to ruin his career

The thing about Lisa is that she's happy for Usman to have a successful career ... in theory.

In practice, the knowledge that he has fans -- female fans -- drives her up the wall.

She needs to work on her deep-seated insecurity issues if this relationship is going to go anywhere.

Obviously, this is not the first that viewers have heard of this problem, and it cannot be the last time that it comes up.

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