Amber Portwood UNLOADS on Andrew Glennon in New Leaked Recording: I'll KILL You, You Fat F--king Retard! [UPDATED]

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Every day, we find ourselves thinking that it's not possible to be any more disgusted by Amber Portwood's behavior.

And every day, she proves us wrong.

If you're a Teen Mom fan, we're sure you know at least part of the story by now:

Back in July, Amber was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly assaulting boyfriend Andrew Glennon in the couple's home.

Portwood professed her innocence, but in the past week, a series of increasingly shocking audio recordings obtained by the Without a Crystal Ball vlog have provided evidence of her appalling behavior.

Today brings the most shocking recording yet, and it leaves Amber's MTV bosses with little choice but to cut her loose.

Before you go any further, please be warned that the following content is profoundly disturbing:

[UPDATE: Even more disturbing evidence related to Amber's abusive tendencies has emerged. Scroll on for all the details.]

1. The Monster

The Monster
Over the course of the past week, numerous audio recordings have demonstrated the extent of Amber's abusive behavior toward Andrew Glennon.

2. Relentless

When she was arrested back in July, Amber was accused of striking Andrew while he was holding their 1-year-old daughter, attacking Glennon with a machete, and attempting to break down a door when he locked himself in a bedroom for protection.

3. The Denial

The Denial
Fans weren't surprised when Amber professed her innocence, as she's been accused of abusive behavior countless times over the years, and she always claims that she's been set up.

4. The Enablers

The Enablers
What is surprising, however, is that Amber was defended by a number of prominent supporters, most notably her Teen Mom OG co-stars.

5. On Her Own

On Her Own
But as a series of audio recordings definitively proved that Amber was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing Andrew on a regular basis, that support gradually fell away.

6. Just Appalling

Just Appalling
Today marks the release of the most appalling recording yet -- and we're guessing even the few stalwarts who are still standing by Amber's side will find it difficult to defend her after listening to this one.

7. Trigger Warning

Before pressing play, please be warned that the content found here is profoundly disturbing, and it may serve as a triggering mechanism for abuse survivors.

8. New Evidence

New Evidence
The audio was posted by vlogger Katie Joy, who obtained it from “a source connected to Andrew and Amber." It was reportedly recorded in August of 2018, shortly after Portwood and Glennon's 1-year anniversary as a couple.

9. The Victims

The Victims
As Joy explains before playing the audio, this particular fight began when Amber became irate over Andrew's hesitance to pass a truck that was ahead of him while he was driving.

10. Just the Worst

Just the Worst
At the start of the tape, Andrew is upset that Amber has struck him in the face. “Is it because my fat f--king mouth can’t deal with this?” she says in a mocking tone.

11. Of Course It Did ...

Of Course It Did ...
Andrew claims that he was being quiet when Amber struck him, and this comment causes her to become more upset.

12. She Has a Way With Words

She Has a Way With Words
“You’re a motherf--king joke, dude!” Amber yells. “That’s not what happened! NO, IT’S NOT, you f--king old man! No, the f--k it’s not! No, it’s not you f--king senile bitch!”

13. Queen of Lies

Queen of Lies
“It’s a bunch of lies out of your f--king ignorant head!” Amber then screams. It's never clear what she's accusing him of lying about.

14. Sounds Truthful to Us

Sounds Truthful to Us
“You like to hit people. What the f--k?” Andrew alleges. In a rare moment of honesty, Portwood doesn't deny this allegation.

15. Standup Gal

Standup Gal
Andrew says he did shut his mouth as instructed, leading Amber to counter, “No you didn’t shut your goddamn mouth, no you didn’t honey,” she says. “No you didn’t you senile ret--d! No, you f--king didn’t. You kept going, going and going, just like the other f--king night!

16. Horrendous

"You’re f--king RET--DED!” she adds, for good measure.

17. The Old Standby

The Old Standby
Despite the fact that she met Andrew while he was working as a producer on Marriage Boot Camp, one of Portwood's favorite insults is that he's never held down a job.

18. Wait ... Amber Thinks She's Some Sort of Hard Worker?

Wait ... Amber Thinks She's Some Sort of Hard Worker?
“You’ve never did anything, you f--king little brat!” she screams at one point in the recording.

19. That's One Theory

That's One Theory
“I wonder why your other relationships didn’t work out? Because of your fat f--king mouth!” Amber yells. “You’re a disrespectful f--king punk!”

20. Can't Make This Stuff Up

Can't Make This Stuff Up
Amber then says she doesn't regret hitting Andrew outside of her daughter Leah's elementary school.

21. Unconscionable

“You deserved exactly what you got! In fact, you deserve way more than that, honey!” Amber tells Andrew. “You speak to me in an ignorant f--king ridiculous tone…nobody cares what’s coming out of your f--king mouth. You’re lying, you ret--d. YOU did it. You kept f--king going, you f--king ret--d!”

22. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
When Amber accuses Andrew of overreacting to the assault at Leah's school, he counters by pointing out that his "face was bleeding." That's when she REALLY gets upset.

23. Unbelievable

“I’ll f--king kill you, dude! I swear to f--king God! I swear to God!” Amber screams before unleashing another physical attack.

24. No Denial

No Denial
“You just hit me. You just f--king hit me!” Andrew says. “You deserved it– and then some!” Amber replies.

25. Unforgivable

“I didn’t deserve that,” Andrew says. “You did! In my head, you did! Because you’re a piece of s--t!” Amber replies.

26. Horrific Abuse

Horrific Abuse
“You punched me in your daughter’s elementary school!” he tells her. “You hit me while I was driving.”

27. The Worst Bully

The Worst Bully
“Yeah, I did! I did! Next time shut your F--KING MOUTH!” she shouts in response.

28. The Gary Factor

The Gary Factor
Andrew then asks Amber if she abused Gary Shirley in similar fashion. “Yeah, Gary had a fat f--king mouth too and I beat the s--t out of him! I sure did ... I sure the f--k did! You keep doing this…”

29. Just Awful

Just Awful
We'd say things can't get any worse ... but this is Amber we're talking about, so we're sure there's more to come.

30. A Familiar Pattern

The latest audio recording is not the first piece of evidence that Amber has behaved abusively toward both Andrew and James. Far from it, in fact.

31. Mom of the Year

Shockingly, it's not even the first time that Amber was caught on tape threatening to KILL Andrew.

32. Dwindling Support

Dwindling Support
Amber's support has started to dwindle -- albeit at a depressingly sluggish rate -- as former defenders such as Catelynn Lowell have mildly condemned her actions.

33. A Near Apology

A Near Apology
"Just know that I didn’t hear that audio till all of you did and I’m so sad and heart broken ...." wrote the 27-year-old mother of three daughters

34. Maci's Stance

Maci's Stance
Conversely, Maci Bookout issued a statement in which she avoided criticizing Amber, and many took her comments as a defense of Portwood's actions.

35. Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe
“My heart breaks for everyone involved and affected by this terrible situation,” Bookout said. “I do not condone or support abuse or violence of any type. Amber has been a close, genuine friend of mine for many years, I will support her in getting the help she needs."

36. Equally Evil

Equally Evil
But by far, Amber's biggest supporter is her brother Shawn, with whom she maintains a creepily-close relationship.

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