Ryan Edwards to Maci Bookout: It's Your Fault Our Son Doesn't Like Me!

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We probably don't need to tell you that Ryan Edwards hasn't always been the greatest dad.

Edwards was released from prison earlier this year following a string of arrests for possession and probation violation.

Now, he's in the process of rebuilding his life, including his relationship with Bentley, his child from his relationship with Maci Bookout.

It hasn't always been an easy process, but Ryan says that's not his fault -- and he's not blaming Bentley, either.

No, he believes the blame rests squarely on Maci's shoulders.

Take a look:

1. Father and Son

Father and Son
When Ryan is present and makes an effort, he's actually a decent dad. Unfortunately, those times are few and far between.

2. Hard Times

Hard Times
Of course, Ryan didn't have much say some of his recent absences, as he pretty much went straight from rehab to jail.

3. Pointing the Finger

Pointing the Finger
Despite his problems with addiction and the law, however, Ryan says it's not his fault that he doesn't have the greatest relationship with his son.

4. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
No, he says the party responsible for that situation is none other than the boy's mother, Maci Bookout.

5. Still Smug

Still Smug
Ryan opened up about his recent challenges during last night's Teen Mom OG reunion special. And we regret to say, it doesn't seem as though he's been humbled by the experience.

6. Funny Stuff

Funny Stuff
"I was tired of being on probation so I just completed my probation in jail," Edwards joked (we think) about his latest stint behind bars.

7. Unusual Attitude

Unusual Attitude
"Mine started out with pain killers and addiction wasn't even thought of," Edwards said of the substance abuse issues that landed him in trouble. "I was like, 'You can't get addicted to anything.'"

8. Going Back on His Word

Going Back on His Word
Edwards added that in the early days of his addiction, he would "never use a needle."

9. An Irresistible Pull

An Irresistible Pull
Once he started using heroin, however, he "never went back to doing anything else."

10. (Baby) Steps In the Right Direction

(Baby) Steps In the Right Direction
Ryan missed the birth of his son while he was in rehab, but these days, he's back home and doing his best to make up for lost time.

11. Forgiving Partner

Forgiving Partner
Despite some major slip-ups, Ryan remains on good terms with his wife, the long-suffering Mackenzie Standifer.

12. Not Quite as Understanding

Not Quite as Understanding
Maci, however, has proven less willing to leave the past in the past -- and for good reason.

13. Protective Parent

Protective Parent
These days, Ryan is rarely allowed to see Bentley due to restraining orders that Maci received limiting contact between Edwards and her entire family.

14. With Good Reason

With Good Reason
That may sound extreme, but Maci had little choice but to get the law involved.

15. Man to Man

Man to Man
At his lowest point, Ryan made some very incendiary comments about Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney.

16. Over the Line

Over the Line
At one point, he allegedly threatened Taylor's life, which prompted Maci to take legal action.

17. Maci Showing Mercy

Maci Showing Mercy
It would have been easy for Maci to make it so that Ryan couldn't see Bentley at all while he's on probation -- but she didn't do that.

18. This Guy

This Guy
Still, when asked during last night's reunion why his relationship with his son is strained, Ryan blamed Maci and her restraining orders.

19. Really?

Asked if he'll be sober for the rest of his days now that he's gotten clean, Edwards non-committally replied that he would "love to be."

20. C'mon, Man

C'mon, Man
Giving a more firm response to that question would probably be the first step toward Ryan forming a stronger relationship with his son.

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