Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards is Still Doing Drugs!

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If you've been keeping up with the comings and goings of Ryan Edwards, you'd probably have some serious doubts that he's currently clean and sober.

And that's for many, many reasons.

Ryan at His Wedding

Ryan was shooting up heroin, and that's not exactly known as an easy habit to kick. He did go to rehab, but he left before completing even 30 days.

When he got home, he promptly began drinking, and we've seen him with a beer in hand in quite a few Teen Mom scenes since then.

None of that is great, but in the past few weeks, things have seriously begun falling apart for him.

He was arrested late last month for violating the probation he was on for an arrest last April -- possession charges -- and it was also revealed that he'd been creeping on ladies on Tinder again.

Both of those things are especially bad since right at that same time, the news came out that Mackenzie Standifer is pregnant with their first child together.

Mackenzie Standifer with Ryan Edwards

What else ... oh, Maci Bookout and her family filed orders of protection against him because he'd been threatening to kidnap Bentley, and also because he threatened to murder Maci's husband.

So yeah, you may have had an inkling that Ryan isn't exactly drug-free these days.

But in this sneak peek for the season finale of Teen Mom OG, Maci is confirming it.

In the clip, Maci and her mom sit down for a nice little lunch together, and she breaks the news that Ryan is going to be a father again.

"Uh, I'm sorry, what?" Mama Bookout says in response, which is pretty much what we all said when we heard the news, too.

Maci DeShane McKinney

She also says that she "thought Ryan wasn't about that life right now," which is still true.

Mackenzie is pregnant, but Ryan told her to call him when the is about three, so it feels safe to say that he's still not about that life.

Maci shrugs and says that she has no clue, and her mom tries to look on the bright side by speculating that maybe having a baby "is what Ryan needs."

Bless her heart.

"Maybe, maybe not," Maci replies. "I feel like if this don't do the trick then absolutely nothing will."

"He's 30," her mother tells her. "Ryan's going to do what Ryan wants to do. Babies and wives and baby mamas and stuff aren't gonna do it for him."

Ryan Edwards Mug Shot

She then asks if he's passed the drug test to see Bentley yet, and Maci says that he hasn't, which they agree is a good sign that he's not clean.

"My people know people," Maci says. "I mean, he's not clean. He's not. Like that's just it, he's not."

The people she's talking about are probably the same people that told her last year that his drug problem had escalated, and we all saw proof of that on the show, so it's likely good information.

And the proof for that is what's been happening for the past few weeks.

Maybe having a baby will help Ryan straighten up, but he wasn't doing heroin when Maci had Bentley, and he was a deadbeat then, so we can't imagine heroin would make it easier.

Watch the sad revelation in the video below:

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