Ryan Edwards: ARRESTED One Day After Learning Wife Is Pregnant!

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It looks like more hard times are ahead for troubled Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

Radar Online is reporting today that Edwards has been arrested after allegedly violating his probation.

The news comes just one day after the world learned that Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is expecing the couple's first child together.

Ryan's probation stems from a recent arrest on possession of heroin charges, leading many fans to fear that the former addict has suffered a relapse.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Ryan's Difficult Road

Ryan's Difficult Road
Ryan has given fans plenty of reason to be optimistic in recent months. Sadly, it seems all the progress that he's made may have just come crashing down.

2. Another Mug Shot

Another Mug Shot
According to Radar Online, Ryan was arrested on March 27 for an undisclosed probation violation. Details about his infraction are unknown at this time.

3. Awaiting Trial

Awaiting Trial
Prison official confirms that Ryan has been released on bail. "He was held on $5,000 bond,” a spokesperson for Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee exclusively told Radar. β€œHe was bonded out at 10:15pm.”

4. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Ryan has not spoken publicly on the arrest since his release last night. His silence has fans fearing the worst.

5. Awful Timing

Awful Timing
Ryan's legal trouble comes just one day after fans learned that his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is expecting his child.

6. A Dark Future

A Dark Future
Currently, little is known about why Ryan was taken into custody. Fans have several theories, and none of them bode well for Edwards' future...

7. Another Relapse?

Another Relapse?
Given Edwards' past struggles with addiction, it's not surprising that many have assumed he suffered a relapse. If that's the case, there could be a number of catastrophic consequences in the offing.

8. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
The most obvious impact would be that Ryan will now have to claw his way out from the depths of addiction a second time. And anyone's who's been down that road can attest to the fact that the battle never gets any easier.

9. Painful Memories

Painful Memories
The road to recovery is likely to be especially hard on the pregnant Standifer, who stood by Ryan the first time he fell victim to addiction.

10. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
Fans will recall that Edwards was so high on his wedding day that he lost consciousness while driving to the church.

11. Ryan In Rehab

Ryan In Rehab
Fortunately, Ryan checked into rehab shortly after exchanging vows with Mackenzie. Sadly, his sobriety seems to have been short-lived.

12. Replacement Drugs

Replacement Drugs
Ryan and Mackenzie decided to have a second wedding once he left rehab, as their first was a rather depressing affair. Fans were stunned when Edwards was filmed drinking beers and pounding shots before the ceremony.

13. Ryan's Reasoning

Ryan's Reasoning
Ryan argues that it was okay for him to drink, as it was alcohol, not heroin that landed him in rehab. Fans pointed out that addiction is addiction and warned the reality star that he was traveling a dangerous road.

14. A Temper Flare-Up?

A Temper Flare-Up?
Of course, it's possible that Ryan's arrest had nothing to do with with substance abuse. As fans know, Edwards temper has also gotten him in trouble over the years.

15. Lashing Out

Lashing Out
Within days of leaving rehab, Ryan took to social media to trash-talk Maci Bookout, the mother of his 9-year-old son, Bentley. Many worried that it was a sign he had yet to deal with the emotional issues that had led him down the road to addiction.

16. Whatever the Case...

Whatever the Case...
Whether the arrest stems from Ryan's addictions or his anger management issues, it's sure to have an impact on his ongoing custody battle with Maci.

17. Jen and Larry

Jen and Larry
Currently, Ryan is only allowed to spend time with Bentley in the context of visits supervised by his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

18. A Strange Refusal

A Strange Refusal
Maci has offered to extend custody rights to Ryan on the condition that he pass a drug test. Edwards has stubbornly refused to submit to the test, which initially left fans baffled. Now, that decision might make a bit more sense...

19. Hard Times Ahead

Hard Times Ahead
Even if Ryan avoids jail, his latest arrest is sure to have some major lasting consequences. Here's hoping the troubled reality star is able to find the help he needs before hs does any further damage to his own life.

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