Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer: Baby on the Way!

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Big news out of the tumultuous world of Teen Mom OG today!

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are expecting their first child together!

The news has been verified by several media outlets today, and sources say Ryan and Mackenzie are overjoyed.

Fans have been mostly positive in their reactions to the news, but given Ryan's troubled past, there were bound to be some thaters.

Here's everything we know so far about Mackenzie and Ryan's big news:

1. A Growing Family

A Growing Family
Ryan and Mackenzie both have kids from their previous relationships, but this will be their first together. Fans learned of the big news in unusual fashion.

2. The Big Fake Out?

The Big Fake Out?
A preview for next week's episode of Teen Mom OG shows Mackenzie waving around a positive pregnancy test. The shot was initially dismissed by fans as a "fake out."

3. The Real Deal

The Real Deal
However, sources such as The Ashley's Reality Roundup have verified that Mackenzie is expecting. She and Ryan are said to be overjoyed by the big news.

4. Reunion Surprise!

Reunion Surprise!
Sources say Ryan and Mackenzie confirmed the news during the recent taping of the annual Teen Mom OG reunion show.

5. The Big Reveal

The Big Reveal
"That’s when most of the cast and even some of the crew found out Mackenzie was pregnant,” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

6. No Secrecy Here

No Secrecy Here
Ryan and Mackenzie haven't made an official public announcement yet, but sources say they've been very open when discussing the pregnancy with their friends, family, and castmates. In fact, there's already been a considerable amount of discussion about the baby's gender...

7. Too Soon to Tell

Too Soon to Tell
“Mackenzie and Ryan don’t know the sex of the baby yet, but are finding out on April 20," a source tells The Ashley. So we guess it's safe to say that Mackenzie isn't too far along in her pregnancy.

8. Two Due Dates In One

Two Due Dates In One
Mackenzie has yet to reveal her due date, but it seems she's set to deliver around the same time as one of the other stars in the Teen Mom universe. "She is due about the same time as Chelsea [Houska],” says the insider.

9. A Mixed Response

A Mixed Response
It's no secret that Ryan's experienced some major difficulties over the course of the past year. As a result, some fans are less than thrilled about the news that he's welcoming another child.

10. Frightening Times

Frightening Times
Ryan's struggles with addiction have been documented by Teen Mom OG cameras, and some truly shocking scenes have made it to air. For example, few fans will forget the moment that Ryan passed out while driving to his own wedding.

11. Ryan's Relapse

Ryan's Relapse
Ryan checked into rehab shortly after saying "I do," and fans were hopeful that he would be able to remain sober for the sake of his new family. Unfortunately, their optimism was short-lived.

12. A Second Chance

A Second Chance
Ryan and Mackenzie renewed their vows in a second ceremony shortly after his release from rehab. Unfortunately, fans were shocked to see Edwards drinking just prior to walking down the aisle.

13. A Weak Excuse

A Weak Excuse
Those who know Ryan best justified his behavior by arguing that it was heroin, not alcohol, that caused him so many problems in the past. Fans countered that an addict probably shouldn't be using any intoxicants so soon after rehab. These days, Edwards is under constant scrutiny...

14. Tough Times For Ryan's Reputation

Tough Times For Ryan's Reputation
“Ryan is actually really excited about this baby,” the source adds. “They were trying to keep it quiet in the beginning, though, because they knew that [viewers] would have a lot of negative things to say.”

15. Remaining Optimistic

Remaining Optimistic
Sources close to the couple say that Mackenzie is determined to not let anything dampen her enthusiasm these days. She seems to be steering clear of social media so as to block out the haters.

16. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Ryan has also been keeping quiet in the hours since the pregnancy test preview aired on MTV. It's unclear if he and Mackenzie have any plans to share their big news with fans before next week's episode.

17. Excitement All Around

Excitement All Around
Ryan and Mackenzie have always talked about having a child, so we're assuming they're duly ecstatic about this development, despite what the haters have to say.

18. Less Than Thrilled

Less Than Thrilled
Of course, given the recent events of his life, there's one person close to Ryan who's probably not particularly over-joyed by the fact that Mackenzie is expecting.

19. Maci Might Be Miffed

Maci Might Be Miffed
Ryan's ex, Maci Bookout, believes he's not even capable of being a good father to the son he has now. She and Edwards are currently locked in a bitter custody battle over son Bentley, and she's probably not terrible excited over the fact that the situation just got more complex. Still, we're sure she's offered her sincere congratulations to Ryan and Mackenzie.

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